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Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted on: Sunday 19 November 2023

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I've previously written about how to be more eco-friendly at Christmas and I'm going to delve a little deeper into one of the aspects of that post; Christmas gifts. There are a few ways to be more sustainable with your gift giving, but I'm here to focus on handmade Christmas gift ideas. This kills two birds with one stone; they're more sustainable and also less expensive, plus there's the added bonus of them being more personal and thoughtful. 

KNITWEAR // It's fun to learn a new skill or if you can knit already then you're sorted! I personally would love to receive a knitted hat, scarf or gloves (or even a jumper!) and if you're feeling super crafty you could personalise it too. Handmade knitwear is pricey in the shops or from Etsy so if you can do it yourself you can create expensive looking gifts for much less and fully personalise the colours for each person you knit for. It doesn't have to stop at clothes; you could knit little animals for kids (or big ones if you're feeling ambitious).

FOOD // There is the slight disadvantage with a lot of baked goods that they obviously have a shelf life, but there are still lots of things you could make a little in advance that would last. One thing I'd love to try my hand at is chocolate bark, which would last longer and could be wrapped really nicely too. I've seen a similar idea for a homemade hot chocolate bomb on a spoon where you'd be able to choose someone's favourite flavours! A very inexpensive idea (and a great one for kids) is homemade cookie mix in a jar. These are pretty expensive in the shops, but easy to make at home with just a few dry ingredients, an old jam jar and some cute handwritten instructions. 

GREENERY // I once had a business idea of buying old antique cups and saucers and potting little plants in them to sell. I never did it, but it would definitely make a cute Christmas gift for the plant lover in your life! Or if you've got a garden full of flowers (which unfortunately I don't, unless weeds count) you could press and frame some in unique arrangements or dry some out to arrange for someone. 

SOMETHING FRAMED // If someone has taken a special holiday or had an occasion happen like a big birthday party or a wedding you could make a little photo collage in a frame for them (top points if you also add things like ribbon for that extra touch). Or if you're skilled with a pencil you could even draw someone their very own personalised print! 

SKINCARE // Things like body scrubs are really easy to make with a few simple ingredients and you can add the recipient's favourite scent to them! Other ideas could be a mini mason jar of bath salts (buy your own epsom salts then add some of your own scents), homemade moisturiser or hand cream using coconut oil or you could even try your hand at making your own soap (although I expect that is much more time consuming! 

HAMPERS // I toyed with putting this under food, but a hamper doesn't have to be just food does it? One year I bought all my parents' favourite things (food and non-food items) and made them a hamper each. Much more personal than a shop bought hamper and cheaper too! 

Have you ever made your own Christmas gifts? 

Amy x


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