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Free Christmas Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Free Christmas Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Posted on: Sunday 26 November 2023

two snowman ornaments in front of some christmas lights


Christmas is expensive for everyone, but I've come to realise just how expensive it can be as a parent because you get sucked in to all the activities. Luckily I haven't really bought into the consumerism (this year anyway...) because my one year old is going to get just as much joy from the free things I can do with him as he would if I paid to do every event and workshop under the sun. (Absolutely no shade if you have done that, these are just some ideas of things to do if you don't want to spend all that money!) 

VISIT THE GARDEN CENTRE // My toddler loves a trip to the garden centre at any time of the year, but Christmas is a whole different ball game at the garden centre isn't it? And the good thing is there are so many garden centres. That means heaps of different Christmas displays to look at and plenty to keep a toddler occupied without having to pay to visit Santa in his grotto. 

WANDER THE STREETS IN THE DARK // On the face of it, that sounds weird and boring, but there are usually so many amazingly decorated houses on our estate during the festive season that there is plenty to see just on a little loop of the streets. And I'm sure that's the same for every estate so if you want to mix if up, visit the estate up the road instead!

LIGHT SWITCH ONS // Taking the excitement up a notch from the last point, you could tour round the light switch ons in your area as these are always free and there's often music or some sort of entertainment on around them too. 

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS // Technically not entirely free because you have to buy the materials, but the Christmas craft ideas are endless, just scour Pinterest. The first thing I've got on my list is making salt dough decorations (not sure how these will turn out with a one year old, but I won't know til I try). 

CHRISTMAS BAKING // As above, you'll need to buy the ingredients, but if you have most things in anyway then a bit of baking is a good free activity (I say this, but baking with my toddler generally ends in a lot of mess and me baking while my toddler eats some sort of mixture). 

THEMED MESSY PLAY // We haven't done heaps of messy play yet (a tuff tray is on Bobby's Christmas list), but I'm obsessed with looking through themed messy play ideas. Some of the things people create are honestly mind blowing and I can't wait to create something Christmas themed for Bobby, which I'm sure will look nothing like what I've seen on Pinterest, but a girl can try. 

INVOLVE THEM IN YOUR CHRISTMAS PREP // Whether it's decorating the house, going to choose a tree or Christmas shopping (I'm aware the last two are not free, but they are arguably things you're probably going to be doing anyway) take your toddler along with you instead of leaving them at home and dashing round on your own. I feel like my toddler will love choosing between presents for people, although I am yet to attempt any Christmas shopping with him so it may actually end up being a nightmare who knows...

Add any of your own ideas below!

Amy x


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