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ad The Sustainable Gift Guide

ad The Sustainable Gift Guide

Posted on: Tuesday 28 November 2023

This is a sponsored post, all opinions and words my own.

a flatlay of various christmas gifts all wrapped in brown paper and tied with red and white string. Someone's hands are tying one of the bows.

The consumerism of Christmas really grinds my gears especially when I think of all the waste; wrapping paper thrown in the bin, food going to waste and gifts that people don’t want. One way I try to get around that last point is to shop more sustainably and not buy into the same old stuff that’s churned out every year that people probably don’t actually want that much. 

I feel like each year the gifts I buy people get more sustainable as I gradually add more sustainable practices to my everyday life. This year I’m focussing very heavily on handmade gifts myself, but still wanted to write a guide to sustainable gifts for if handmade isn’t really your bag (plus I’m definitely not hand making everything!) 

Experience gifts // I don’t know many people who wouldn’t like a spa day or afternoon tea and the potential plus with this one is they’re going to need someone to go with right?! You can even buy someone a voucher where they can choose the experience themselves to ensure they do something they're really going to enjoy. Or you don’t even necessarily need to buy a ready made experience; you could always invent your own and write out a voucher to make something even more personal.

Vintage jewellery // We all know a jewellery lover, but you can make a jewellery purchase much more sustainable by buying second hand. There are some gorgeous antique rings out there that are one of a kind rather than made by the bucketload. Extra points if there’s some sort of story behind it that’s relevant to the recipient! I have an antique ring I bought with some money left to me by my Great Grandma and the design matches some jewellery my Grandma wears. I definitely wouldn't have found that on the high street!

Sustainable clothing // Everyone needs clothes right? If you're buying someone clothing for Christmas this year there are heaps of sustainable clothing companies out there who use eco-friendly materials and enforce fair working practices (spoiler, this is unfortunately not standard on the high street). I have some recommendations for sustainable clothing basics here and for more standout pieces here.

Cruelty-free cosmetics // Something I find is usually a fail safe for my mum is nice toiletries or skincare. If cosmetics are something you usually buy for someone, make your purchase more sustainable this year by making sure you're buying from a cruelty-free brand (unfortunately something that is also not standard!). A few of my favourites are Lush, The Body Shop, E.L.F and Barry M. There are heaps more smaller and more luxurious brands too. Look out for the leaping bunny logo that signals that a product is cruelty-free certified by PETA. 

And remember you don't always have to give something physical; another really sustainable way to gift is by giving the gift of your time! Anything that you're good at that someone else needs would always be appreciated I'm sure (just need to find someone to make my garden look pretty...)

Amy x


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