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Building A Life I Love - I Quit My Job!

Building A Life I Love - I Quit My Job!

Posted on: Sunday 9 July 2023

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It's inevitable that becoming a parent will change you, not necessarily in some enormous or even noticeable way, but you can't go through one of the biggest events that could possibly happen in your life and not emerge a little changed by it. For me, it's put a lot of things into perspective. 

I could probably write thousands of words on this and cover every little thing my perspective is now different on, but I'm sure nobody wants to read thousands of words about that (and I don't really want to write them either) so I'm focussing on the biggest difference, which is working towards having a life I love every aspect of. 

I was always aware that my job was the weakest aspect of my life; I'm happy with my home, my relationships, how I choose to spend my free time, but for quite a while I've not been happy in my job. I'm very much a work to live kind of person so I suppose I didn't really think it mattered all that much and it's not like I hated my job, but it definitely wasn't a positive space for me to be in or adding any value to my life. 

Time to change that. 

One of the many things you think about when you have a baby is how you want to role model for them. All I want for my baby is for him to be happy with his life and I hate to think of him being unhappy with any aspect of it, but I'm not exactly setting an example for him to chase his dreams if I simply settle for mediocre in my own life. That's not the only reason for my changed perspective; I think I've learnt that life is short and I've also gained the confidence to grab it by the horns (is that the expression?!) and try to make the most of it. 

I've already touched on wanting to minimise my life in order to have a clearer mind and that's all part of the changes I'm making to truly build a life I love. I officially handed in my notice last month at work, which felt both a long time coming and a huge step. The plan for now is to work freelance part time as both a Graphic Designer and Content Creator and essentially wait and see if I make enough money to keep doing that. It's a bit of a gamble, but I'm well aware of that and was just so ready to leave my current job that it's a risk I am very willing to take!

So here's to building a life I am truly happy with (or at least trying to!) And a little reminder that if you're in a position to change something that's making you unhappy or simply not working for you anymore, bite the bullet and do it! 


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