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Posted on: Sunday 25 June 2023

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I started the year with all the intentions of writing monthly roundups of the books I'd been reading. Those monthly roundups lasted until March at which point I decided they were really rather pointless if I wasn't doing any actual reading...

Which brings me to now; I have actually managed to sneak in the odd book over the past few months so here's the overdue roundup of April, May and June all in one...

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo // This is actually a non-fiction book, in so much as it's about three anonymous women and based on interviews by the author with those three women and various other characters who appear in the book. It's based around female desire and follows three different narratives of three women. I enjoyed it, although was disappointed at the lack of obvious ending, which I assume is because it's real life not fiction! I rated it three stars.

Carrie Soto Is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid // I absolutely love Taylor Jenkins Reid books and this one was no exception. I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy a book that's essentially all about tennis so much, but I did. Carrie Soto is an extremely competitive ex-tennis player, who has her grand slam record broken and comes out of retirement to attempt to defend it. Despite not being a particularly likeable character on the face of it, I ended up really liking her for being human! I rated it four stars,

The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer // I love Bob Mortimer and this book is written pretty much exactly how he speaks. It was a lighthearted tale of love and police corruption with a main character called Gary so what's not to love? It would make a perfect holiday read. I rated it four stars. 

How To Be Present by Sophie Golding // This was a quick little read of tips and quotes on how to be present and live a little more mindfully. Just reading it make me feel instantly calmer and although some of the tips seem a lifetime away in terms of being able to actually apply them to my life when I have a small child to look after, I definitely took some things away from it! I rated it four stars. 

The Good Enough Parent by The School Of Life // The premise of this is quite similar to the Philippa Perry parenting book I read earlier this year, but it's a little simpler to read. There wasn't much in it that I didn't already know, but it was still an interesting read and I found the overall concept nice; that of being a 'good enough' parent because it's actually healthy for a child to see a parent as an actual human rather than some perfect superhuman. And that certainly made me feel a lot better about my own parenting! I rated it three stars. 


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