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Three Sustainable Deodorant Options

Three Sustainable Deodorant Options

Posted on: Sunday 9 April 2023

*This post contains gifted products, all opinions my own.

I made the switch to a sustainable and natural deodorant a good few years ago now as part of my 'bathroom audit' where I went round my bathroom and switched out a fair few products for more eco-friendly options. At the time it didn't feel like there was that much choice and a lot of the options I'd tried previously hadn't really worked for me. Nowadays though, there are so many different sustainable deodorants so it's easier to make the switch. I've tried a few now so thought I'd do a little comparison of some of them to help make your choice a little easier if you're thinking of going natural.


Price point // With Wild, you buy a case and then pay for refills. You can buy everything separately or as one offs, as bundles to get you started or you can subscribe, which is the cheapest option. There are also plenty of discount codes out there to be had. I subscribed with a discount code and originally paid about £12 for my case and first three refills. Each subsequent refill is £5 (my subscription is £15 for 3 refills) and you choose whether you need them every two, three or four months, but I often delay mine because three refills last me a lot longer than that. Although there is the initial outlay for the case I definitely pay less now than I used to for a non-sustainable option.

Sustainability // You obviously use the case time and time again eliminating plastic waste, and the refills come in fully recyclable or compostable bamboo pulp packaging. The company claims to be carbon negative due to their tree planting with every purchase initiative. The deodorant itself is fully vegan and made from natural ingredients.

Verdict // Wild actually works far better than any chemical deodorant I've used in the past. It's a stick deodorant and the texture is like a balm. It's not at all sticky, but you do get the odd bit of residue if you apply too much. It is said there's a period where your body needs to adjust and you may get a little smellier, but I didn't experience this. There's a reason why everyone shouts about Wild and it's because it really does work, and smells pretty good in the process too!

Salt of the Earth Spray:

Price point // This is another brand that works on a refill basis. The initial deodorants are between £4.99-£6.99 and the refills are around £30 for a litre, which would last a pretty long time seeing as I use one spray under each arm a day!

Sustainability // The refill element is sustainable, although the refills do come in plastic packaging. The company also works on tree planting and carbon reduction programmes. Their office is run solely on renewable energy.

Verdict // I received the unscented version of this in my Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar. I wouldn't usually have opted for an unscented deodorant, but I switched to it from Wild almost immediately as I'm breastfeeding and know that unscented is supposed to be better for that. It's a spray so is a little wet when you first pop it on, but dries really quickly with zero residue. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well this works, especially with it being unscented as I half expected to get a bit smelly, but I don't at all. I'll keep the bottle in case I fancy ever getting a refill.


Price point // The priciest option so far, £19 for a one-off or £16.15 per tube when you subscribe. I think this would last a pretty long time as you only use a pea-sized amount per day, but this would definitely be a more expensive option than the others.

Sustainability // The tubes and caps are made from aluminium so are fully and easily recyclable. The deodorant itself is chemical free.

Verdict // This definitely smells amazing! It's a balm and you squeeze a little out of the tube and apply to under your arms (or wherever you get sweaty!) I find it slightly annoying that I need to wash my hands afterwards. It works for me just as well as the other two, but the price point means I'd opt for them over this one.

The winner:
Taking price point, sustainability and how well it works into account, Wild has to be the clear winner for me! 


  1. Ahh this is so interesting! I like how you've sectioned each one off into three areas. I've recently ordered the AKT deodorant, although it's not arrived yet. I actually think it might be lost in the post. Eeek. I went for the orange scented one. I've heard so much about wild too! Always such rave reviews.


    1. Oh no I hope it's not lost! I nearly went for orange, the scents are lovely! X

  2. I'm using the salt of the earth one now and I really like it! I like how it's a spray, too!

    Corinne x

  3. I've only heard good things about WILD refills - I am currently using Urketram's fragrance free, vegan deodrant!

    1. Ooh that sounds interesting I'll have to check that one out! x

  4. This is such a great review of Wild! I love how you sectioned your review. I've heard good things about Wild and their refills x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Wild is so good, would definitely recommend! x


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