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Sustainable Habits For 2023

Sustainable Habits For 2023

Posted on: Sunday 22 January 2023

There I was saying I don't really set goals for a new year in this post and now here I am essentially setting myself some goals. They're very loose though and more simply some sustainable habits that I'd like to adopt during the coming year. 

I try to do my best at being sustainable, but there's always room for improvement, plus change takes time so I generally give myself some breathing space to let habits stick rather than attempt too many at once. The following are some areas I'd like to improve on, plus some brand new habits to add to the mix. 

Plastic packaging // I try not to buy things that come in plastic packaging (it's bloody hard to avoid thought isn't it?); the supermarket is somewhere I could do with cracking down on. I bought some reusable fruit and veg bags last year with all the intentions of using them for loose fruit and veg and I think I used them once before they were left in the cupboard and forgotten about. So they'll be coming out of hibernation, and I'll also be making more of an effort to take my time to look at alternatives to things I buy that come in plastic packaging. 

Composting // So this is a huge one. As someone who prides herself on being sustainable, I have to admit that currently all of our food waste goes in the bin, which is pretty awful really isn't it? We live in an area where food waste isn't collected by the council and this is something I've been meaning to take action on for a while. It's not exactly difficult; all I need to do is buy a compost bin!

Food waste // Following on nicely from my last point, I'd really like to cut down on our food waste. I've already started meal planning this year rather than just buying food to have in that has the potential to go uneaten so that's a start. We're also going to get the slow cooker out again and batch cook, which should help with using things up that we need to.

Grow my own // Okay so a lot of these seem to be food based...but I'd love to grow more of my own fruit and veg this year. I grew tomatoes last year, although not nearly enough so as well as growing more of those I'd like to plant peppers, herbs and potentially even avocados! 

Recycle less // Sounds weird for a sustainability goal right? Recycling is great, but it's the least sustainable form of sustainability due to the energy used and the fact that a lot of things can only be recycled so many times and degrade each time. Basically, recycling is not the answer and should be the last resort. So this year I'm going to make more of an effort to reduce and reuse before I turn to recycling.

That's where I'm leaving it for the time being, but I'm sure I will keep adding to this list as the year goes on. Sustainability is something I'm constantly learning about so there are always going to be new habits to adopt along the way. 


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