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Slow Outfits Of The Week #4

Slow Outfits Of The Week #4

Posted on: Sunday 23 October 2022

 My last slow outfits post was a maternity edition and this one is kind of a breastfeeding edition; if I thought dressing for pregnancy was difficult, dressing for breastfeeding rules out a whole load of outfits too! I can't say any of these outfits are particularly interesting because I'm mostly at home looking after Bobby so they're all fairly casual, but that's my life at the moment so here they are:

Outfit One - Monday

Shirt - Matthew's. My favourite kind of slow fashion is stealing things from my boyfriend's wardrobe! Buttons are very helpful when it comes to breastfeeding so I'm living in shirts a lot of the time.

Jeans - old fast fashion. These jeans are almost on their last legs but I'm squeezing as much wear out of them as possible! I'll definitely be hunting for the same ones on Vinted or Depop soon to replace them.

Outfit Two - Tuesday

Sweatshirt - Vintage Inclined. It really is sweater weather now isn't it and you can't beat an oversized one for comfort around the house. Despite it not having buttons I find it relatively easy to just lift up t-shirts and sweatshirts to feed.

Leggings - Vinted. I bought these in early pregnancy when my jeans were uncomfortable but I wasn't quite ready for maternity wear and they're so comfortable I'll still get heaps of wear out of them post-pregnancy. 

Outfit Three - Wednesday

T-Shirt - Nova Co. I pretty much live in our own brand's t-shirts because they're so soft, plus why would I not advertise us?! 

Cardigan - Vintage Inclined. Despite it being a fairly bright colour this cardigan goes with a surprising amount of outfits! I feel like it clashes slightly with these jeans but I actually quite like it!

Jeans - old fast fashion. Another pair of jeans (I think technically they're jeggings but for some reason I hate that word) I've had in my wardrobe for years and these ones still have heaps of wear left in them.

Outfit Four - Thursday

Shirt - Matthew's. Another cast off, in fact most of the shirts in my wardrobe are!

Jeans - old fast fashion. Same jeans as Monday. As much as I like to try and showcase different outfits when I'm doing these posts, I do rewear stuff pretty often!


Outfit Five - Friday 

Dress - Vintage Inclined. Okay so by now it probably looks like I only wear things that are old or from Vintage Inclined (which may well be true), but this dress is my most recent purchase from there and was a treat to myself while I was pregnant to wear when I wasn't! Buttons mean it's great for breastfeeding, but I also feel like myself in it. 

Jacket - old fast fashion. This faux leather jacket is I don't know how many years old, but it's a lot! I've worn it heaps and luckily it's one of those that's stood the test of time so must be fairly good quality.


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