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Slow Outfits Of The Week #2

Slow Outfits Of The Week #2

Posted on: Sunday 27 March 2022

It's a whole year since my first slow outfits of the week post, which I was vaguely planning on making more of a regular thing, but seeing as I tend to wear a lot of the same things over and over it's probably a good thing I haven't because they would most likely become a little repetitive. 

However, with it being such lovely weather this week and actually feeling a little spring-like, I've dug a few old outfits out of hibernation and thought it would be the perfect week to do a little round up of my outfits. Everything is sustainable in some way, whether second hand, from a sustainable brand or simply old fast fashion I've had in my wardrobe for years.

Outfit One - Monday

Shirt - Matthew's wardrobe. Most of my shirts are cast-offs from my boyfriend's wardrobe; they're the perfect oversized fit for me and I am more than happy to give them a good home! 

Dress - Old fast fashion. I've had this plain black cotton slip dress for at least seven or eight years now and it's still in great condition even though I wear it all the time so I'm sure it'll be in my wardrobe for years to come.

Outfit Two - Tuesday 

Jacket - Charity shop. I picked this up at a charity shop for a whole £3 a good few years ago now and it comes out every spring and autumn as it's the perfect coat for that transitional period.

Blouse - Vintage Inclined. I don't shop vintage as much as I used to (mainly because I don't actually need anything), but Vintage Inclined is my favourite place to look if I am after something. I picked this blouse up in the sale over a year ago now for just £10.

Leggings - Thought Clothing. I'd come across Thought Clothing a couple of times when looking at sustainable brands and finally took the plunge a few months ago and invested in some of their thick leggings for those days where I just want a bit of comfort. Fast forward to now and being pregnant has meant I've had to give up jeans and most trousers so these are getting a lot of wear! They're great quality (aka you can't see your knickers through them) and have a really comfortable band at the waist. They're far too long for me (and I'm 5'5 so I'm not sure who they're made for), but I don't really mind just rolling them up.

Outfit Three - Wednesday 

Blouse - Vintage Inclined. Another Vintage Inclined find (that unintentional rhyme pleased me), I wear this all the time!

Trousers - Old fast fashion. A lot of the fast fashion items that have stood the test of time in my wardrobe are staples and these cropped culottes are no exception. They're elasticated too for that pregnancy comfort!

Outfit Four - Thursday

Dress - Old fast fashion. The reason I have so much old fast fashion in my wardrobe is because one of the most sustainable things you can do is wear what you already have! Plenty of my old clothes are still in perfectly good nick and are staple items I dig out every year. I've had this dress for at least eight years!

Blouse - Old fast fashion. I've had a ridiculous amount of wear out of this, which was probably one of my last fast fashion buys before I made the switch to a more sustainable way of shopping.

Outfit Five - Friday 

Dress - Thought Clothing. A couple of months after my successful leggings purchase from Thought Clothing, I ordered a couple of sale bits that I thought would last me well through pregnancy. The first was this organic cotton maxi dress because it's floaty, oversized and will be great during the summer months.

Jacket - Reworked vintage. I picked this up from Chinese Laundry (a sort of local shop; there are branches in Hull, Leeds and York) a good few years ago now and it's a staple every year. Two things that never go out of fashion; denim and leopard print!

Amy x


  1. I love Tuesday's outfit Amy! I also love the denim jacket you are wearing in the last photo x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Awh thank you! I wear the denim jacket all the time around this time of year! x

  2. Love outfits like these! Staples that you know serve well, but aren't too much x

  3. I love your outfits so much. You always look so put together and you have the cutest bits!

    Corinne x

  4. I'm so here for the slow outfits thing! It sounds very much like my wardrobe too. I absolutely love Tuesday's outfit! Your jacket is such a bargain!

    1. Ah thank you! And I know, I couldn't believe how cheap it was! x

  5. Definitely here for stealing your other halfs clothes - fab idea!

    1. So good it's like finding a brand new wardrobe haha xx


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