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Summer Days Out In East Yorkshire

Summer Days Out In East Yorkshire

Posted on: Wednesday 16 June 2021

Let's face it, we're mostly here to stay in the UK for the rest of the year, and although I'd absolutely love a holiday I've been taking the opportunity to make the most of my local area. Turns out, there's plenty to do right on our doorstep so if you're East Yorkshire based and are looking for a day out or are visiting the area and in need of some inspiration, I thought I'd round up some of my favourites:


Perfect for: Families with young children, old and young couples, groups, dog owners. 

Price: Ranging from FREE for under 5s to £30.90 for a family house and grounds ticket.

What's there?: Historic house and stables, grounds, walled garden, 5k walking trail, Stables Kitchen cafe, ice-cream, gift shop, fishing lake.

Parking: On-site, free.

Time you could spend there: Between half a day and a full day depending on what you decide to do there and how much of a leisurely pace you do it at!

Any other info: Some parts are pushchair and wheelchair friendly, although paths are graveled and the 5k trail is on grass. See the events calendar on the Burton Constable Hall website as there are often events on over the summer. 

FRAISTHORPE BEACH (disclaimer, the photo is actually Hornsea, but I didn't have one of Fraisthorpe!)

Perfect for: Almost everyone, but access could be tricky with a pushchair and probably impossible with a wheelchair.

Price: FREE; the main car park is £5 for the day.

What's there?: Beach, sea, sand! Bridlington is within walking distance (approx 45 mins depending on speed) for more amenities, amusements etc.

Parking: £5 for the day, or less if you're only planning on staying a couple of hours.

Time you could spend there: A full day especially if you fancy the walk up to Brid.

Any other info: There are toilet facilities and a cafe, but the beach is mainly just that - a beach!


Perfect for: Everyone! 

Price: FREE

What's there?: Woodland, pebbled foreshore, pub, ice cream, path to walk between Hessle and North Ferriby (pushchair and wheelchair friendly).

Parking: Free car parks at both Hessle and North Ferriby.

Time you could spend there: Half a day.

Any other info: At the moment there are improvements to the flood defences ongoing so parking at the Hessle end is limited, as is access to the foreshore. 


Perfect for: Couples, groups, dog walkers.

Price: FREE

What's there?: A hefty amount of forest!

Parking: Free roadside parking.

Time you could spend there: A couple of hours. Lack of facilities and anywhere to sit mean this is a gorgeous place for a long walk, then it's time to leave!

Any other info: Pushchair and wheelchair access may be difficult depending on the time of year.

There are obviously heaps of other places to visit in East Yorkshire, but these are just a select few for a sunny day (let's hope we get plenty of them!) Let me know if you've visited any, and let me know your favourite place to visit!

Amy x


  1. Oooh this post is so great, and full of inspo! I think taking time to explore and discover hidden gems around where you live is so underrated. Also your photos are beautiful!

    // xx

    1. Thanks so much lovely, it's definitely been the year of exploring where we live! x


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