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Slow Outfits Of The Week

Slow Outfits Of The Week

Posted on: Sunday 28 March 2021

My slow fashion journey began a while ago in terms of smaller changes, but since taking part in Slow Fashion Season last year (three months over summer of buying no new clothes) I haven't looked back. 

I now only buy second hand, vintage or sustainable and as time has gone on I'm finding the transition in my wardrobe is becoming more obvious, with more of my outfits being made up of mostly or all slow fashion finds.

Shopping (or not) this way has made me experiment more with what I already have, find new ways of putting outfits together and has also ensured I'm only buying things I 100% love. Not surprisingly that means I love my wardrobe more than ever. 

I used to share my daily outfits way back when, so wanted to bring that back in a slightly different way; my slow outfits of the week! So here are just a few outfits I've worn over the past week or so with a little about where things are from, in case you're after recommendations!

Outfit One

Shirt - Vintage Inclined - Vintage Inclined is my favourite online vintage shop. There are new collections almost every week, plus a cheeky £10 sale section on the website. I first discovered Vintage Inclined through A Virtual Vintage Market, a monthly Instagram event well worth checking out if you're on the hunt for vintage clothing.

Jeans - Depop - Jeans were something I was really worried about finding once I gave up fast fashion, but it just means I need to hunt a little more. I used to always buy my jeans from Topshop and it turns out there are plenty to be found on Depop in my exact size. These ones had actually never been worn and were just sitting in someone's wardrobe - always a bonus!

Outfit Two

Dress - The Vintage Scene - The Vintage Scene is a super affordable online vintage shop (this dress was around £20 I think) and definitely one to keep an eye on for some vintage steals!

Outfit Three

Sweatshirt - Nova Co. - Cheeky self promo (sort of). Nova Co. is a sustainable brand set up by myself and my partner. The sweatshirts are 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester and they're the softest most comfortable things to wear!

Shirt - Matthew's wardrobe - Yep, this was a cast off from my boyfriend. Clothes swaps between friends are a fab way of being sustainable, it's just a shame in this case that I can't really give anything back!

Trousers - Depop - Another Depop find after hunting for some pleather trousers for aaaages. These were originally M&S, but have been cut off by the previous owner to be a little cropped.

Outfit Four

Blouse - Vintage Inclined - This was a £10 sale gem and such a classic forever wearable blouse!

Skirt - Depop - Originally from Dorothy Perkins, this skirt is actually part of a two piece so I also have the matching jacket (it was my Christmas day outfit!).

Outfit Five

Top - London Grammar - My fave band went up even further in my estimations when I saw that their merch is all Earth Positive so 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly.

Jeans - super old Topshop - I have heaps of old items in my wardrobe (definitely counts as slow fashion if you're wearing things over and over!) and these jeans are probably about ten years old. They've certainly lasted the test of time and I hope to get many more years out of them!

Scarf - Dove House Hospice - There's a fab vintage Dove House shop in Hull which is where I picked up this scarf. I usually wear it in my hair, but fancied an experiment!

Are you into slow fashion?

Amy x


  1. I adore that dress! Also the idea of slow outfits is fab! I guess my style is a bit slow too, as in I do keep my clothes and wear them for a long time! I just need to be a bit more conscious of their journey before getting to me to ensure that is eco friendly and ethical!

    Corinne x

    1. I think it definitely counts as slow fashion if you keep clothes and rewear them over and over! x


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