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Remember To Check In On Yourself

Remember To Check In On Yourself

Posted on: Thursday 25 March 2021

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What. A. Year. 

(Or just over a year once I actually post this, late to the game as always).

I could spend a whole post talking about how difficult the past year or so has been for everyone, but we all already know that so there's not much point. Also is anyone else sick to death of talking about how rubbish things have been (and still are)?

So despite this post being vaguely related to the past year and making sure we're all getting through, it's also not. It's always important to look after yourself, it's simply been highlighted just how important it is by recent circumstances.

Checking in on others has been a big theme of the past year, for obvious reasons. Making sure your friends are alright, checking if your neighbours need any help, regular calls to your family even when there's nothing to catch up on.

But how often (if at all) have you been checking in on yourself?

It's definitely not a bad thing to put others first, but I'm a firm believer that you need to be looking after yourself in order to look after others.

I know what you're thinking - easier said than done. Yes, it definitely is easier said than done and I'm probably a hypocrite for writing this post in the first place, but a lot of my mind dump blog posts come from things I realise I should be applying to myself.

It's easy to carry on for a very long time without actually checking in on yourself; it's not like we stop to ask ourselves how we are every day. But maybe we should.

Realistically, I'm not going to keep asking myself how I am (and let's face it, if I did I'd brush myself off with a 'fine thank you') so here are some other ways you can make sure you're checking in on yourself regularly:

- Keep a journal // Whether it's a journal with pre-written prompts, you write prompts yourself or you simply do a little brain dump in whatever format you prefer, it helps by forcing you to think about yourself for a second.

- Switch off from distractions // Everyone will do this in different ways, whether it's exercising, having a bath, reading a book. For me it's getting outside; for a run, a walk, or simply sitting in the garden with a coffee. When I'm away from distractions I find I give myself time to reflect, essentially checking in on myself without even thinking about it.

- Be honest // When friends take the time to check in on you, tell them genuinely how you are. Take a moment to think and answer them honestly; if you brush them off with a 'yeah fine' you're not allowing yourself time to acknowledge how you're really feeling, so you're not only brushing your friends off, you're brushing yourself off too.

- Have a self care day // This doesn't necessarily mean have a bath and do your nails, it means whatever self care is to you. Basically, dedicate a day to doing things just for you, things that you love and enjoy and are guaranteed to make you feel better. 

Do you take the time to check in on yourself?

Amy x


  1. Love the moody imagery to accompany this topic, Amy! I've been trying to do a little more pampering and general self-care to combat the general 'fatigue'. Have a fabulous weekend! x

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle, it's so important to look after yourself and I'm glad you're doing so! x

  2. I really am fed up of talking about it too! I've tried really hard to remind positive about the situation and embrace the extra time at home and use it well!

    Corinne x

    1. Yeah definitely, it's so hard to stay positive all the time, but there have definitely been perks to the extra time! xx

  3. These photos are good creatives for the self examination topic. Well done!

    Jil Diamante

  4. Lovely photos and good advice - pandemic aside it's so important to take care of ourselves and make sure we are filling our own cups before we help others :)

    Hope you are having a fun weekend. The rain has stopped here so we went out to one of the unflooded trails in the neighbourhood yesterday :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Definitely! Glad you had a nice weekend, the weather has just got nicer here too! x


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