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(AD) Slow Fashion // Small & Sustainable

(AD) Slow Fashion // Small & Sustainable

Posted on: Monday 12 October 2020

This post features PR products

Well it's been an age since I wrote a good old blog post hasn't it? I was planning to post updates throughout Slow Fashion Season, which somehow has flown by along with the rest of this nondescript year, but as I'm aiming to carry on most of the habits I picked up during it I wanted to still write about what I learnt from it.

The good thing about Slow Fashion Season, and the general shift towards slow fashion in general, is that I haven't found I've had to look very far to find a wealth of small, independent and sustainable brands because everyone is shouting from the rooftops about them. 

I'm also finding that small and sustainable doesn't necessarily mean expensive; despite not minding paying a bit more for ethical clothing I'm not exactly earning any more money than when I was a fast fashion fiend (although I am, however, buying a lot less) so affordability is still important. 

In this post I want to share a few of the small and sustainable companies I've discovered since the start of Slow Fashion Season, plus let you know that I'M STARTING MY OWN (but more on that at the end of the post...) It's important to note that sustainability can mean a lot of different things so I've included a section on the sustainability of each of these brands.

Kula Bags 

Sells: Bags (clue's in the name right?), mainly backpacks.

Price point: Bags range from £20-£40

Sustainability: Kula Bags are made from durable and washable paper (pretty cool yes?). The material is recognised by the FSC and is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the bags are approved by PETA and the Vegan Society.

The product: I was sent the Bridgewater backpack* which is one of their most popular styles. It's designed so it's fairly compact but fits a lot in (my laptop fits easily along with everything else I'd need for the day). I absolutely love the natural look of the material and it's super comfortable to wear.

Rock on Ruby

Sells: Slogan t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, some of which can be personalised.

Price point: £20+ for a t-shirt

Sustainability: Most of the products are approved by the Fairwear Foundation (ensuring fair working conditions for staff), are made from sustainable materials GOTS certified and are made in factories powered by renewable energy. You'll notice I said most products; there is a disclaimer on the sustainability page of Rock on Ruby's website stating which items are not yet 100% sustainable.

The product: I was sent their tie dye t-shirt* with my year of birth embroidered on it (I've always wanted a top with my birth year on it so that's that dream fulfilled). The quality is excellent, which explains the slightly high price point of their tees; this one will definitely last me years. Their designs are all super cute too; who doesn't love a classic slogan tee?

Camilla Ashley

Sells: Gingham bucket hats (name me anything better than that I dare you), silk bandanas with matching face masks and oversized scrunchies galore. 

Price point: £7 for a scrunchie up to £22 for a bucket hat.

Sustainability: Products are all handmade or reworked in the UK by the owner, Charlotte. It's unclear whether the raw fabric is sustainably sourced, however the products are made to last and as everything is done locally the carbon footprint is extremely low.

The product: I bought the blue gingham bucket hat with ties after spying it on Instagram. The quality is amazing so it'll definitely last and because the fabric is quite stiff you can wear it brim up or down (I'm going for brim up in summer and down into autumn). I'm using every inch of my willpower to stop me from buying a hat in every colour.

Which brings me to...

Nova Co.

My boyfriend and I decided a while ago that we wanted to start our very own sustainable clothing company. It's been a while in the making (who knew starting a business was actually quite time consuming??) but our first t-shirt drop is on Wednesday 14th October at 8pm. Give us a follow on Instagram @wearenovaco or a like on Facebook to hear more about it!

Sells: T-shirts with colourful themed designs, hopefully branching out to sweatshirts, t-shirt dresses etc in the future.

Price point: T-shirts are all £15 each.

Sustainability: T-shirts are all made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified by the Soil Association and are printed using only water based inks. Our suppliers operate on renewable energy and have a zero waste policy, using what little waste they produce to provide electricity. Our suppliers also provide safe working conditions and living wages for their staff. Our packaging is fully recyclable. 

The product: We have three t-shirt designs in our first drop, taking inspiration from the ocean, forests and cities. The t-shirts are super soft and comfortable and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Amy x


  1. Like the bag seems great for traveling x

  2. Supporting local and small businesses has been the norm this 2020. I'm happy to see you showcasing cute stuffs from them especially that bucket hat! Pretty :)


    1. Thank you lovely! I'm glad you've been supporting small too :) x

  3. I love how you styled it, You look amazing.

  4. Ah! I'm so excited to hear you've started your own sustainable business and love that you're working with your partner on this - that must be wonderful! x

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle, it is really exciting :) xx


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