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Lockdown Life Lessons

If you're anything like me (god help you if you are) and you find a pathetic amount of pleasure in round numbers or even numbers or even better both, then 2020 sounds like it should be a pretty wonderful year doesn't it? Well it may not have been all wonderful, but it's certainly going to be a year that we all remember and one that will go down in literally every country's history. 

So far I've pretty much avoided talking about lockdown/coronavirus/blah on my blog because it was all rather depressing enough without me writing about it too, but what I do want to do is write positively about the life lessons I've learnt during lockdown, which I'll be carrying forward into the future with me.

Everyone is fighting their own battle // Some people struggled with staying at home during lockdown and would have loved to have some work to occupy their time, others found it difficult to carry on going to work and would have loved nothing better than to stay at home. People are different and nobody should feel like their own personal struggles are less than anyone else's, not just during lockdown but in life. People struggle with different things and it's worth remembering that just because you think someone is in a good position doesn't mean they agree.

Don't judge before you know the full story // There's nothing like a pandemic to spur people into getting on their high horse about anything they can is there? Of course everyone should be wearing a face mask, but if somebody isn't give them the benefit of the doubt that it's because they can't rather than because they won't. This is true in every walk of life; don't assume someone is a knobhead without solid proof (a good motto for life?) Saying that, if your neighbours were having a party mid lockdown you're definitely allowed to judge. 

People are what matters // Sure I've missed going out for meals, I've missed the pub, I've missed going shopping. But what I've missed most is people (although I'm all for maintaining social distancing with complete strangers for the rest of my life tbh). More time spent with my favourite people in the future is the priority for me (apologies in advance that I'm about to become a very huggy person once I'm allowed).

Always be kind // Kindness is an extremely underrated quality (in fact I wrote a whole post about that topic all the way back here), but it's one that certainly goes a very long way. It relies on giving people the benefit of the doubt and believing the best in everyone and it essentially sums up all the above points in one. 

Stick to your guns // Lockdown has definitely made me a bit bolder in sticking to what I believe is right and I have no guilt in saying no to things I'm not comfortable with doing as we emerge out of the other side. Do what makes you happy and take things at your own pace; something I'll be aiming to carry on doing post-lockdown too.

Amy x


  1. Such a cute dress on you! These are good lessons too - i think we could all be a little kinder to each other and it's nice seeing the kinder news stories of people making a difference and still connecting even in lockdown! I'm glad things are a little safer here now and the restrictions are relaxed, but there are still some things I'm not comfortable doing and I'm happy to say so too! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! :)

    Away From Blue

    1. There have definitely been some uplifting stories! Thanks for reading lovely :) x

  2. You've listed some great points in this post; particularly keeping kindness in mind at all times - nothing bad can come from it, after all! Loving your new blonder hair by the way! x

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle, hope you're well :) x

  3. These are all such great points! Kindness is everything, and goes a long way xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

    1. It definitely does, thanks for reading lovely :) x

  4. Amy, you have beautifully summed the present state of affairs throughout the world and your views on the same and agree with your views.A very well articulated article.
    Dheera Joshi


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