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AD // An Ode To In-Between-Seasons Style

AD // An Ode To In-Between-Seasons Style

Posted on: Sunday 8 March 2020

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Skirt* - Oasis (here) // Cardigan* - Oasis (here) // Boots* - Oasis (here)

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring"

Four times a year we hit an odd time in between seasons where the British weather could do absolutely anything (although whether that makes a change from normal I'm not sure) and you need to be prepared with a winter coat, sunglasses and an umbrella at all times. Outfit-wise, it can be a confusing time; it's just a bit too hot for a big winter coat, but definitely too cold for a light jacket. The dilemmas we face eh?

Despite the oh-me-oh-my-what-shall-I-wear confusion, I must confess I love in between seasons style.


Firstly, layers. I love layering up because it gives me the opportunity to wear more of my clothes (yes I really am that easily pleased), experiment with putting them together and then I can remove and add layers throughout the day depending on whatever the weather decides to do. I find that layering at this time of year helps me discover new ways of putting pieces together I wouldn't have thought to before, as well as reintroducing some of my spring/summer clothes into my wardrobe while remaining snug as a bug.

Secondly, mixing and clashing styles. I love a bit of juxtaposition in an outfit (seems like far too fancy a word to describe an outfit but I'm going with it). A chunky knit with a midi skirt is one of my absolute go-to outfits at this time of year and gimme a dress with boots any day. I love pairing things together that shouldn't necessarily work, but really really do. It's the little things eh?

Essentially, I feel like these pockets of in-between-seasons help me experiment with my style and fall in love with clothes I may have become bored of or forgotten about. It makes me feel vaguely Pinterest-worthy and it makes me feel cosy and comfortable yet still stylish and I can't really complain about that can I?

Are you an in-between-seasons style lover or hater?

Amy x


  1. Yes - I am so in need to in between clothes! I love being able to layer and mix things up. I feel like there's so much more freedom. Thank you for sharing!

    // xx

    1. There is isn't there! Thanks for reading lovely :) xx


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