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Is Social Media Putting Us At Risk Of Losing Touch With Our Friends?

Is Social Media Putting Us At Risk Of Losing Touch With Our Friends?

Posted on: Sunday 2 February 2020

You've seen all their holiday photos on Facebook, you've been reading their tweets about whichever TV show they're currently watching and you've seen what they've been wearing day to day on Instagram, so you know exactly what all your friends are up to right?

Call me a bad friend (not quite as catchy as Call me Amy), but it's so easy to get busy, like a few photos on Instagram, reply to a couple of tweets, to all of a sudden realise two months has passed since you actually checked in with someone.

Social media lures us into a false notion that we know what everyone's been doing anyway because we've seen it all. They've posted it all online. Right?


Nobody's naive enough to think that social media is anything but a highlights reel; I can have had the most awful day yet still have posted a happy smiling photo on Instagram because I have a blog post to promote. And just because someone's posting photos of a holiday that looks nice doesn't mean they're happy does it?

I know from experience that it's not actually all that easy to reach out to friends when you're struggling and sometimes the things you're struggling with aren't easy to admit unless you're directly asked about them.

Despite not setting any resolutions or goals for myself this year, there is one thing I'm definitely going to be doing more of. I'm talking about real interaction with my friends.

Everyone knows that juggling life is difficult; work, hobbies, family, relationships so I'm not certainly not expecting to be achieving anything major; all I want to achieve is more. More time spent messaging someone to check in rather than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and more time spent organising catch ups in advance so they don't end up being abandoned when nobody is free.

Social media is great and all that, but let's get off it every now and then and go back to basics with the people we love. Amiright?

Amy x


  1. This post is so true! A pet hate of mine is when you're telling a friend something and they say 'oh yeah I saw that on Instagram' - like they then don't want to hear any more about it just because they saw one photo. So important to remember social media is often a highlights reel!

    Becca x |

    1. That's so true! And it is definitely a highlights reel. Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Love this Amy. It can be very easy to focus on social media and forget about real life interaction! I'm putting this as a focus for 2020 x

    Lucy |

    1. It's so important isn't it! Thanks for reading lovely xx


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