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Call Me Monthly // APRIL

Call Me Monthly // APRIL

Posted on: Sunday 21 April 2019

Ello and welcome to this month's round up of things from my life and my brain (not as scary as it sounds and certainly not as scary as the fact that it's almost May already. My oh my. Here ya GO:

This month I've veered between v laid back and sporty (hello zip up hoodies of my dreams) and dressing like a 14-year-old girl (pinafore dresses and high ponytails thank you v much). Colour wise I'm feeling neutrals, greens and black (always).

The Kooks // Sweet Emotion

Gerry Cinnamon // Sometimes

Picture This // Life Of The Party

Ten Tonnes // Better Than Me

Charlotte // I Tell Lies

The Go! Team // Til We Do It Together

Blossoms // Cool Like You

Bloxx // You

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Married At First Sight // My trashy TV choice for this month, usually accompanied by my girl Ashton, prosecco and pizza.

Game Of Thrones // Obviously. Aside from the drama, 
Daenerys is my main source of hair inspo.

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley // This was the fourth book I've read in this series and although I'm finding that the structure of them is becoming vaguely repetitive I'm still v much enjoying them. 3/5.

Amy x


  1. Ah yes, trashy TV is the best! I haven't started watching Married At First Sight yet, but I used to watch 90 Days to Wed and loooooved it and so I'm going to take a wild guess and say I'd love this too! Love your new blog layout by the way Amy :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. Thanks lovely! And yeah definitely give Married At First Sight a watch! xx

  2. I love Married at First Sight! I can't believe anyone would actually enter into it but I find it absolutely fascinating x

  3. Love your outfits - so nice for spring! :)

    Hope that you have been having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica! Hope you're having a great week so far xx


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