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TRENDS // To Invest Or Not To Invest?

TRENDS // To Invest Or Not To Invest?

Posted on: Sunday 17 March 2019

Skirt - Miss Selfridge | Jumper - H&M (old) | Trainers - ASOS
Photography: Olivia Lennon

When silky satin (after debating for a while whether to use the word silky or satin I decided to use both because there's nothing like a bit of overkill description to make people instantly click away from your blog is there?) midi skirts came on the scene I resisted investing in one for much longer than I wanted to.

I'd spent weeks lusting over the animal print ones gracing Instagram left right and centre, walked past shops where they teased me from the window displays and popped a fair few into my Asos saved items where they sat until they went out of stock, much to my dilly dallying dismay. 

The thing with trends is I like to wait and see whether I really do want to invest in them before actually, well, investing in them, which is really quite sensible isn't it? Well done Amy.

So the very deep, meaningful and important question is; how do I decide whether to invest in a trend or not? It's not quite as simple as 'well I like it so I'll have it thank you' because if I applied that rule to all clothing I don't think I'd have any money to do other vaguely important things such as feed myself.

How often will I wear it? Whether an item of clothing costs me £4 or £40 I always consider price per wear. At the end of the day, if you really love something then you'll wear it all the time, so if you don't think you'd wear it a lot you probably don't like it enough to buy it. I think this is especially important with trend led items because realistically you might not like it forever so get your wears out of it while you can.

How versatile is it? Because I like to get my wear out of trends before they disappear into the abyss, if I'm buying something then I want to be able to wear it for anything. If I can wear something for work, at the weekend and if I'm going out for a nice meal to boot then chances are I'll invest in it. Bonus points if it goes with just about anything in my wardrobe.

How much do I really want it? Perhaps the shallowest point of them all. You know when you try something on that you know you really shouldn't buy, but then you spend the whole rest of the week thinking about it until eventually you go back and buy it anyway? If I get that feeling then I know it's something worth investing in because I really want it. Yes, this tactic may have resulted in me losing out on things I've really wanted because they'll go out of stock or won't have my size anymore, but it's a risk I'm willing to take when it means I'm not just throwing money at things pointlessly. Also, at the end of the day, they're only clothes aren't they?

And that brings me nicely onto this skirt. It's surprisingly versatile, I'll wear it a lot because it's green and makes me feel like some sort of mermaid fairy and it makes my heart happy to have it in my wardrobe (it's the little things OK?).

Amy x


  1. Love this outfit on you and great advice xx

  2. Love your skirt, such a beautifl color. You look amazing in this outfit. Happy Monday dear. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

    1. Thank you so much, I love the colour too. Have a lovely week x

  3. This skirt looks really good on you. I love the whole look.

    Gemma x


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