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5 Things I've Inherited From My Dad That I Wish I Hadn't

5 Things I've Inherited From My Dad That I Wish I Hadn't

Posted on: Sunday 21 June 2015

This post really isn't as mean as it sounds...I should have guessed that when I wrote my Mother's Day post that instead of commenting on the actual post the first thing my dad said was 'I look forward to seeing your Father's Day post.' So here it is Dad, I hope you're not disappointed...

5 Things I've Inherited From My Dad That I Wish I Hadn't:

1 - His sense of humour. It's really bad and when I was younger I would despair at his jokes (my mum still does) but now I despair at myself for not only finding them funny, but making similar ones myself...

2 - His obsession with turning off lights and plug sockets. When I was younger I was forever leaving lights on in rooms I wasn't in with the excuse that 'I'm going back in there' and my dad would drive me mad telling me to turn them off. I get it now Dad.

3 - His road rage sarcasm. When I was little my dad was forever making comments to other drivers like 'Oh you're welcome mate' when he'd let them go and they hadn't thanked him. I was forever telling him to stop it because it's not like they could hear him. I now live on a road where there's only room for one car to go and yes, you guessed it, I say 'Oh you're welcome' when I let someone past and they don't thank me.

4 - His exaggeration of everything. Expect any story that either me or my dad tells to have been 20% duller than we made it sound, not because we lie but because we're good storytellers OK?

5 - His nose. So maybe this point is a little bit mean, but it's pretty self explanatory. Thanks Dad.

And just before you write me off as a complete bitch here are 5 things I wish I had inherited from my Dad...his generosity, his confidence, the way he doesn't care what anyone thinks, his determination and his athlete's metabolism.

Hope you all have a lovely Father's Day!

Amy x


  1. Haahha this is perfect! So lovely! My mum was the same with plug sockets and lights and I find myself doing the same now

    1. Thanks, I'm glad it's not just us haha! Xx


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