Birthday Advent Calendar (week one)

This year for my birthday my parents had the best idea ever. My birthday just so happens to be on the 1st of December and this year I was the ripe old age of 24. So my parents presented me with this basket containing 24 numbered presents to be opened as an advent calendar from my birthday up until Christmas. I am so excited!

Here are presents 1-6:

1st December - This lovely patterned mug. 

2nd December - A 2015 diary in my favourite colour. This year I decided I didn't need a diary and would use my phone as a diary instead, which failed miserably so I'm very pleased to have one again!

3rd December - Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. I love this body butter, it's heavy duty for dry winter skin and smells great.

4th December - a pair of knickers! This item felt slightly too personal to put on here, but I couldn't miss out a day!

5th December - chocolate! Need I say more?

6th December - Essential Extracts Grapefruit Body Lotion. This smells amazing!

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