Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I've been wanting to start a blog for ages, but never quite got round to actually doing it so I'm mega excited to have finally started one. So, a little bit about me and what my blog is going to be about...

I'm Amy Eade, very nearly 24 years old and living in Hull. Hull isn't quite where I pictured myself living at this age, but I live in a dreamy flat with big windows and tall ceilings - what more could I want? Plus you can buy a house here for about 2p. 

I work in television operations at a rather well known broadcasting company and am currently trying to claw my way into the world of journalism without having to spend many pennies on getting an actual qualification. 

My blog is going to be about the main things I am interested in - fashion, pretty things and places, homemade bits and the like.  

Introductory posts are dull, so I'll say ciao for now and please keep reading my blog for more interesting posts than this one! 

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