Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A Very Last Minute Gift Guide

I feel like there are two kinds of people; those that have all their Christmas shopping done in November and those that still haven't when there's less than a week to go. 

You may have guessed from the post title that I fall into the latter category so I thought I'd put together a guide of things that are easy to scramble together and get hold of last minute. These are all fairly budget ideas so even if you are organised they could make good stocking fillers.

H O U S E  P L A N T S  |  Did you really think I'd write a post that doesn't mention house plants? I think they're such a great gift for anyone really (unless you know a weirdo who doesn't like house plants, in which case you should probably cut them out OK). They're easy to pick up from your local garden centre or even the supermarket on Christmas Eve and you could even decorate your own pot at home to make it nice and homemade and personalised. (Also if you want to know what to get me for Christmas it's one of these, thank you in advance.)

M I N I  P E R F U M E S  |  I love a handbag-sized perfume; they're just so handy (haha geddit?) and I was recently kindly gifted one of the Misguided* roller ball ones. They're so good for on the go, easy to top up discreetly without choking the people nearby with spray and smell amazing too. I also love the Lush hard perfumes for the same reason! Being small they make a perfect stocking filler.

P O S T C A R D  P R I N T S  |  Prints can be quite expensive, but I love framed postcards as a way of making them more affordable and often more personal too. Paperchase is my go to for nice postcards and IKEA is my favourite for frames, although Wilko do some nice ones too if it's super last minute. You could even frame something you've made yourself to make something super personal.

S K I N C A R E  /  B O D Y C A R E  |  Oh the old faithful fallback. I'm not massively experimental with skincare so I always find it quite nice to receive recommendations from friends. I was recently gifted the Daytox facial tonic* which I can't wait to try (I will report back).

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? What are your favourite fallback presents?

Amy x

*gifted items


  1. I hadn't realised Missguided did rollerball perfumes, what a fabulous idea - and they make ideal stocking fillers too! Merry Christmas, Amy! x

    1. Yeah they smell great too! Hope you have a lovely Christmas :) xx

  2. Great ideas! I still have a couple of gifts I need to get...

    Anna // Zu Hause

  3. Skin care products are what I want for Christmas right now!!! <3 These are all great ideas!


  4. Thanks for the ideas, I'd love a house plant!
    Have a lovely Christmas:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop


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