Saving The World A Cuppa At A Time

I've always thought I'm quite good at doing my bit for the environment; I recycle everything I can, I turn lights and switches off when I'm not using them and I carry a reusable shopping bag with me. The thing is, they're actually all quite standard things now aren't they? And that got me thinking that we should always be seeking out new things we could be doing and slowly introducing them into our daily lives. With that in mind, here are some of the little things I've started implementing into mine recently:

Loose leaf tea. Who knew that teabags have plastic in them? I certainly didn't until fairly recently. I'm a big herbal tea drinker and dabble in loose leaf tea sometimes as it feels like more of a treat. Whittard of Chelsea currently have a campaign running to encourage people to ditch the teabag and go loose leaf instead; it makes sense - not only does that mean you get a treat all the time, it's better for the environment too. Last week I was kindly sent the Pao mug* along with some loose leaf tea to put to the test. The Pao mug aims to make drinking loose leaf tea easy; you don't need a strainer as the mug has a handy inbuilt one along with a lid that keeps your cuppa hot while it's brewing and which you can then rest your leaves in while you drink up! I do find that loose leaf tea tastes nicer than teabags, especially green tea (I'm obsessed with the cherry blossom flavour!) so I'll definitely be making more of an effort to drink loose leaf when I'm at home.

Reusable coffee cup. If I'd saved a pound for every time I've said I want to buy a reusable coffee cup I'd have been able to buy at least three by now. I am one of those people who buys a takeaway coffee almost every day either before work or in my lunch break. It's an expensive habit, but it's a daily treat that I'm willing to pay for because we all need a vice don't we? As well as being expensive though, it's very bad to throw away a takeout cup every single day and it's been something I've felt guilty for for a good few months. So I FINALLY got round to buying a reusable one. Turns out they're not even very expensive, which is why I'd been putting it off; I bought mine for £4.99 and it's even collapsible so it'll fit in my bag when I'm not using it.

Putting the plug in my shower. Then using the water for my garden and house plants. This is actually a trick I've been aware of for a long time, as in back when I had no garden or plants so I think it had slipped to the back of my mind. At the moment I only remember to do it every few days, but hopefully I'll get into the habit of doing it everyday. There's more than enough water from one shower to do all my house plants and the garden and it just makes sense!

Is there anything you've implemented recently? Anything else you think I should be doing?

Amy x


  1. I didn't know that teabags had plastic in them - that's scary! Thanks for sharing and I'll be cracking open the loose leaf tea asap!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. I didn't either until really recently - you wouldn't expect it would you! xx

  2. It's really the little things that make great changes! Loved this post, always looking for new ways to help our planet out.

    Shann Eileen |

    1. Every little helps as they say! Thanks lovely xx

  3. I feel so ashamed right now because tea bags has plastic. Time to get rid of it and drag myself to the grocery to buy loose tea. Thanks for letting me know!

    Love, Fads | The Ă„stron

    1. I was so surprised, I only found out really recently! x


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