Wednesday, 6 June 2018

So You're Engaged...Now What?

I've only got a couple of scheduled posts going up while we're away on honeymoon and I thought it would make sense to make this one wedding themed, seeing as (if all went to plan - if not then hopefully I thought to unschedule this) we got married on Saturday. Details of that will obviously make their way onto this blog in due course (some sneak peaks over on my Instagram), but for now I thought I'd throw it back to the very beginning, to when we first got engaged and the steps we took to set the wheels in motion for our wedding day. So this is one for those who may have just got engaged and be wondering where on earth to start because believe me, that was definitely where I was at.

TAKE SOME TIME TO ENJOY IT | Firstly, if you have just got engaged, congratulations! Now take some time to enjoy it because it actually does make you feel a bit different and you'll enter a sort of engagement honeymoon period. So before you dive headfirst into planning your wedding, spend some time celebrating with your friends and family and just appreciate that happy feeling! When we got engaged on holiday last year we made the decision not to tell anyone until we got home so we spent a few days in a happy little engagement bubble which was lovely.

DECIDE ON A TIME SCALE | Essentially, do you want a long or short engagement? I'd always thought that when I got engaged it would be because I was ready to get married so knew I wanted a short engagement, but there are obviously all manner of things that can affect your decision on timescale. When you're deciding this, I'd avoid setting a date in stone because when it comes to looking at venues and the like they might not have the date you'd set your heart on! We were very lucky in that we got in with our venue just as they were setting up as a business so we could actually have the date we wanted, but most places get booked up very far in advance!

DISCUSS THE IMPORTANT STUFF | There are some things you need to be on the same page about from the start; do you want a church wedding or a civil ceremony? Here or abroad? Big or small? It's nice to get an idea of what you're both expecting from the day so you can begin to compromise if needs be!

PIN, PIN, PIN! | As with most things, Pinterest is your best friend, both for inspiration and for helping you get excited for the big day (if you need any help that is). I used it for everything from style of dress and hair to table decorations and the cake and actually, my wedding looked a heck of a lot like my wedding Pinterest board so it obviously played a huge part.

BUY YOURSELF A WEDDING NOTEBOOK | I'm an old fashioned gal, in that I like to write everything down. Luckily my mum bought me a wedding planner from Paperchase really early on, which not only broke the planning down month by month, but included lists for everything so it certainly kept me organised. Having a dedicated planner means I'll have something special to look back on from the process too.

KEEP PERSPECTIVE | The most important thing throughout the planning process is to keep perspective. Yes, it's a special day, but it is just one day out of your whole life and although the wedding is nice, the most important thing is your marriage that follows.

If you've planned a wedding, what were your first steps?

Amy x


  1. Pinterest is just so useful for planning almost anything and the inspiration for weddings is all beautiful, makes me kinda want five weddings though!

    1. I’m a definite Pinterest obsessive! And yeah I would totally have another one haha xx

  2. These are great tips! We had the hardest time picking a date - venue availability is so important to factor in, and as we got married in wedding season, trying to make sure we didn't conflict with other people's dates, ha!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your honeymoon :) We had a birthday party for my eldest so it was a bit busy on Saturday, but lots of fun.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Yeah I was more bothered about getting the right venue than the right date, but luckily we ended up with both! Aw hope he had a lovely party! Xx


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