Friday, 7 October 2016

Interiors | Finishing Touches

It feels odd writing a post about finishing touches when we are waaaaay off finishing decorating our house, but we have finished a fair few rooms so I wanted to talk about some of the finishing touches I've made to those rooms (how many times can I use 'finish' in a sentence?) Some of them are super obvious (hello candles and house plants, I'm looking at you) but some of them I'm quite proud of being imaginative enough to do!

Pot pourri and gypsophila 

I love gypsophila (as you might notice throughout this post) and use it in the house wherever I can as it looks just as good dried as it does fresh. I had some pot pourri left over from a bowl in the (temporary) living room so filled this plant pot with gypsophila then weighted it down into position with the leftover pot pourri. It sits in the centre of our fireplace and I'm really quite proud of it (it's the little things eh?)


I love the versatility of our headboard (it has little cubby shelves in the sides too) and decided to make a feature out of the top. I guess it's a bit like having a shelf above your bed, which I always wanted, without having the worry that it might fall on your head in the night. The pictures are all wallpaper samples that I shoved in frames, the plant is actually fake and the milk bottle from IKEA was ideal for displaying some more gypsophila! 

 The essentials - house plants and candles 

I have quite a lot of house plants (but you can never have enough right?) so I try and spread them around the house. This is one of my current favourites so it bagged a spot in our bedroom. I love candles and I have this Yankee one in waiting for when it gets colder, however throughout the summer I've had this Yankee diffuser on display, which smells amazing, lasts ages and looks pretty cute too!

 Homemade pictures

We knew we wanted three big pictures in our little temporary living room, the middle one being this poster we got a while ago from Lalalab. We didn't really know what to do with the other two and after a few weeks of searching Etsy but not really finding any prints we liked, I got creative with some (you guessed it) gypsophila. I'm definitely not an artist!


We used to have a clock wall in our old flat (I actually did a post about it here) and the plan was to continue it in our house, however we've kind of gone off the idea. This was our favourite clock from the wall so it's made a nice centrepiece in our office along with some more house plants and awww a picture of us. 

I obviously have a lot more things dotted around the house, but they're mainly house plants and candles so I didn't really want to overload this post with the most obvious of things. If you've got any good ideas for finishing touches let me know!

Amy x


  1. Amy you know I'm obsessed with your interior skills so I absolutely love this! The little touches of greenery and photo's throughout are so damn cute!!


    1. Aw thanks so much Elle, I'm glad you approve! xx

  2. I LOVE that headboard - it really brightens up the bed (and makes a darn good shelfie for greenery - love how you've styled it!). I have a weird obsession with candles (although most girls do, right?!), and have SO many in my room - have the time I don't light them I just love how they look!

    Hayley xo

    1. Thank you lovely, I love the headboard it's such a handy shelf! I think most of us adore candles (I only light my cheap ones haha!) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Just translated that on google haha - thank you so much xx

  4. Totally love your interior style! So pretty!


    1. Thanks so much I'm so glad you like it :) xx

  5. I am in love with you headboard! Not only can you decorate the top of it but I LOVE that it has cubby holes on either side to conceal any mess. That's amaaaaaazing - I need that in my life!

    Your interior skills really are on point and you've made such a beautiful space for yourself. Can I move in too!?

    katie ♥

    1. Aw thank you lovely - it's such a great headboard! From IKEA so pretty reasonable too :) xx

  6. I loved the decoration! The milk bottle is really so sweet, the plants too... I liked your favorite one, it's really nice! And the pictures are also so beautiful! Very good taste, I think that when we do things by ourselves, they are "so us" that we for sure will feel at ease at home! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Denise - I'm so glad you like it too! xx


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