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I thought seeing as I did my 'Fit February' posts as motivation to get fit (find them here here here and here), it would be a bit odd if I didn't do an update on how I'm doing. In my final post I decided I would stick mainly to YouTube workouts and plan my workouts for the week ahead on a Sunday evening.
This post is really just a bit of an ode to Lucy Wyndham-Read and her amazing YouTube channel. I haven't done any other workouts on YouTube apart from hers in the past few weeks, they are so easy to schedule and also so easy to fit into my day. Because her workouts tend to be HIIT or fairly short toning workouts they are so flexible, which is ideal for me because if I have a long shift at work I can fit a ten minute workout in before work, but if I have more time I can do a few different ones and work out for longer. This also makes them so easy to plan as I can plan them around my shifts at the beginning of the week.

Below are the workouts I've done this week so you can have a nosey or have a go yourselves if you fancy seeing what they're like!


Cardio Calorie Crusher - I do three rounds of this when I have time and seeing as I had a day off on Monday I did!

180 Rep Ab Workout - Because I had a day off I thought I should make myself ache for work the next day so I did this one three times too!


3 Minute Arm Workout - I had a really long shift on Tuesday (the downside to having Monday off) so I slipped this routine in before work. It was a really short routine, but it's better than doing nothing and I always find a short burst of exercise is a good way to start the day!


Super Trooper Sculpting Workout - I did two rounds of this, although I could have done more I didn't have the time before work! Favourite workout of the week so far though!


HIIT And Tone - I managed to squeeze this in between a doctor's appointment and work, which I'm chuffed about because even though I'd planned to do it I was a bit worried I wouldn't have time!


This morning I only did this short ab workout from earlier in the week. It's one of my favourites to do because it's so short, but you can really feel it working. I only did it once because I have a ten hour shift today (I'm probably currently drinking all the coffee).

I usually work out on a Saturday too, but I'm having this weekend off because I'm actually at work tomorrow and then just really want a chilled Sunday!

What do you do to keep fit? Have you tried these workouts before?

Amy x 


  1. Saving that short ab workout...I'm going for the abs of steel look this summer (ha ha ha can you tell I'm being sarcastic!? I'm gonna look more like a Ribena jelly!)

    Love working out at home much closer to the post-workout chocolate than when I'm in the gym!

    xx La Coco Noire

    1. Haha yes to the post workout chocolate! I don't think my abs will ever be like steel either but I'm trying haha! xx

  2. I've never tried these workouts before but I'm always searching for new fitness channels, so I'll make sure to check out this channel.. I usually use the Fitness Blender workouts, they are really effective and really easy to squeeze into the day. xx

    1. Would definitely recommend them! Thanks for the recommendation I'll have to have a look at that channel too! Xx

  3. I love working out at home (although it´s harder to motivate myself then) and I love Youtube workouts! I´ve mostly used the ones from blogilates so far and two aerobic classes but I´ll definitely take a look at these. They sound pretty amazing!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. Yeah I would definitely recommend these! I'll have to have a look at blogilates actually, everyone talks about it but I've never done any of them! Xx

  4. this is so awesome! and kudos to you girl! keep it up :)

    1. Thank you! Hoping I will keep it up haha xx


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