What it's Like Living in a House You're Renovating

So if I haven't spoken about this enough on my blog already - here's another house related post! I thought I'd write a post about what it's like to live in a house you're doing up so if you're thinking of doing the same, bear the following in mind!

You will always feel like you're covered in a fine layer of dust. Renovating a house is messy and however many times you dust, wipe and hoover there'll always be more dust. I'm trying to accept that our house just won't be fully clean until it's all finished and I'm constantly going to feel like I've got a layer of dust covering even myself.

You will ruin a lot of clothes. Although I have a couple of sets of painting clothes, sometimes you'll start a job without changing thinking it won't be messy, but it's easy to forget where there's wet paint...

Everything will take longer than you thought. I had unrealistic expectations when we moved in about how long everything would take. It's the little fiddly things that take the longest, plus I hadn't really factored in that you need to leave paint to dry in between each coat...

There will be plenty of hidden surprises along the way. So you set your budget and your timescale and then as soon as you start ripping things down you find there's actually twice as much work to do than you thought. Hello cute little damp patch hiding behind the bathroom wallpaper.

You won't want to stop. When you live in the house you're doing up sitting around watching TV seems like a total waste of your time because there is so much to do on the house you're sitting in that you feel you should be getting on with. And once you're on a DIY roll, it's easy to forget to eat, drink or even sleep.

You need to allow yourself to take a break. Following on from the above, while the temptation to keep going until you burn yourself out is real, you really shouldn't do that. You need to consciously make an effort to chill out and give yourself a break. If that break lasts the whole weekend because the weather is nice and you'd rather be out and about then so what? The house will still be there next weekend.

You'll be embarrassed having people over. It's always messy, it's always dusty, there's always something being done and you can't help but worry about what people think when they see the state of where you live.

If you're doing it with someone else you will argue about everything. Who knew choosing a cooker was such a big deal? We've even argued about skirting boards...

It just might drive you up the wall, but it'll be worth it in the end (you hope).

Do you have any experience of renovation/redecoration? Would you like to?

Amy x


  1. Skirting boards, haha! These things happen :) I bet it's such a stressful and I hope there aren't too many surprises along the way. Best of luck :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. As someone who has neeearly finished renovating a house (there's always little bits to do no matter how much of your to do list you get through) I literally nodded and LOL'd through this whole post. Constantly having a layer of dust on me probably annoyed me the most!


    1. Yeah it always seems like there's more to do doesn't it! Kudos to you for being nearly finished we are so far from that point! Good luck with the rest of it, how exciting xxx


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