Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Oily Saviours

I never ever used to put oil on my skin because I thought it would just make my skin really oily - hey rookie error - apparently oil is actually good for oily skin, crazy eh? I actually only learnt this through reading blogs and finding out that oils had actually worked well for people with the same skin type as me (normal/slightly oily and blemish prone if you're interested). So I thought I'd give oils a go myself and see how I got on with them. Turns out oily products are an absolute godsend and my skin hasn't actually looked this good in years.

The two products I've been using are the Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil and the Botanics Facial Oil. I use the cleansing oil every morning as it is so refreshing and makes me feel a bit more awake. I apply it to dry skin, add a little bit of water and massage it in then rinse off in the shower. I use the face oil about twice a week overnight to really give it time to sink in and I'm left with such bright looking skin in the morning that sometimes I think I actually look better when I've just woken up than later on in the day. I haven't changed anything else in my skincare routine and I've probably been eating worse than I was before (maybe that's the secret...wouldn't that be great?!) so I'm putting the improvements in my skin down to these gems. I've also not had any breakouts, just the odd blemish and it's made me so much more confident with wearing less makeup, something I spoke about last month on this here blog.

Have you tried either of these products? What do you think of using oils?

Amy x 


  1. I absolutely adore Botanics products so this is definitely something I need to pick up soon! My skin needs a little boost x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

    1. Such a good brand I love their products! Would definitely recommend this oil :) xx

  2. My skin needs some tlc esp in this weather. Will give this a go. Thank you.

    1. Yeah I think it is the weather that's meant these products have been so nice on my skin! Thanks for reading :) xx

  3. I find it baffling how oil is good for oily skin too, but it really does make a difference. Love the sound of both these! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. It totally doesn't make sense to me but love how much of a difference it makes! Xx

  4. I absolutely love this, my skin is now combination but I used to have such oily skin and avoided oils like the plague. I have quite a few high end ones but am desperate for some more budget options, these sound amazing!


    1. I'm the opposite and would love to try some high end but don't know where to start! The botanics one especially is so affordable and sooo nice to use! Xx


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