Friday, 11 March 2016

An Asos Haul in One Outfit

When we bought a house I did the unthinkable and deleted the Asos app from my phone because yanno, it would be nice to save for a new kitchen. Three months on and that kitchen fund is probably on hold because Asos made a mysterious appearance on my phone again and before I knew it there was a delivery at my door.

I actually bought only three things, which for me is quite a modest Asos haul and when trying on said three things I realised I'd actually inadvertently bought an outfit. A pretty darn good outfit too if I do say so myself, the type of outfit I will wear non-stop for the next month (exaggeration, I do wash my clothes obvs). I don't know whether I love the trousers or boots more, you know when you feel a bit pathetic about being so excited about clothing? Yeah, that.

Top - Asos (here)
Trousers - Asos (sale)
Boots - Truffle Collection via Asos (out of stock)

What do you think of bold trousers?

Amy x


  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I'm loving all of your ASOS fashion finds, they are so lovely and match each other perfectly :). Your red trousers are absolutely stunning, what a beautiful colour!

    El xxx

    1. Thank you! The red trousers are gorgeous aren't they?! Totally didn't match the outfit on purpose when I was ordering but I love it! Xx

  2. I love a good ASOS haul and it is the main reason why I can't save either haha, I keep getting the app back after deleting ;) I love those trousers, I never really wear red but it looks really lovely on you xxx

    1. Haha the app is just so tempting! Thank you, I've never really worn red that much before either but I love these trousers! xxx

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