Mother's Day on a Budget | At Home Spa Day

It's just over a month to Mother's Day with it falling quite early this year on 6th March so I've had my thinking cap on in search of ideas. With a mortgage and a house much in need of renovation I'm on a tight budget this year and as I'm sure many others are too I thought I'd share my idea for Mother's Day on a budget - an at home spa day! Read on for my ideas of what to do!

Get comfy | One of the most important things for me about a spa day is being able to relax so I'd suggest getting some comfortable and cosy clothes on - possibly even pyjamas if you fancy! Make sure the room you're based in is cosy as well - plenty of blankets and cushions on the sofa!

Atmosphere | Spas always smell absolutely amazing so scented candles are a must for an at home spa day! My favourite at the moment is this Yankee Candle New England Maple Syrup. You could also pop some music on if you fancy, although I think I would prefer sticking a girly film on that you can both watch while having a bit of a natter at the same time!

Refreshments | A pamper for me has to include something chocolatey so depending on what mood you're in and what you feel like I'd either whip up an indulgent hot chocolate or open some wine accompanied by a sharing bar of chocolate!

DIY treatments | Once you're all set up on the sofa in your comfy clothes watching a film and indulging it's time to get stuck into some pampering. A face mask would definitely be on the cards so make sure neither of you have makeup on before starting! A perfect face mask for a pamper day is The Body Shop's Aloe Protective Restoring Mask because it's a leave on mask so once you've applied it you can leave it to sink into your skin without having to even get up to wash it off! Once you've both applied your masks you can get stuck in with DIY manicures and pedicures. I'd keep it simple by just using some foot cream and hand cream (my favourites are Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream and Lush Helping Hands) before applying your favourite colour.

This would be such a perfect girly day and I would definitely love to do this with my mum for Mother's Day! Plus it doesn't cost a thing as you can use whatever you have in the house so it's perfect for those on a budget! If you're looking for more ideas check out the Cotton Trader's Mother's Day Inspiration Guide, which I was lucky enough to be featured in here!

What would your idea for Mother's Day be? Would you enjoy an at home spa day?

Amy x


  1. This is such a nice idea! I'm sure your Mum would love to do that with you.

    Corinne x

  2. I really enjoyed this post! Your mom is going to love this! xx

    Ale |

  3. I think that sounds like a lovely idea, it's my Grandma's birthday on the same day too so I will try and get us to have a little nail painting sesh haha xx

  4. This is such an amazing idea, I absolutely love this! Also, I think it would be so much more appreciated as there's more effort involved/it's more personal!


    1. So glad you think it's a good idea! I'm glad it doesn't seem lame, I think it'll be really nice :) xx

  5. I love this post! I have always love the idea of having a girls day/ night and having some good quantity bonding time and pampering. I have once made a little coupon 'booklet' where I wrote down all of the things I would do on a day of her choice. ie. paint nails, treat her to the movies, I would cook breakfast, I would do her makeup for her. And she loved it!

    Em x

    1. Aw the voucher booklet is such a sweet idea! Xx


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