Fit February | YouTube Workouts

Following on from last week's fitness post (here) here is an update on how I did last week and how I've switched it up this week! One of the main things about fitness motivation for me is variety - I get bored so easily so I need different things to do so I don't lose motivation. Last week I did circuit training, which I actually love (mainly because it's over so quickly haha!) and it went really well to say I haven't exercised in so long and I did them every other day apart from Sunday when I failed because, well, Sunday. Hopefully they've improved my fitness enough for me to last this week though! I've been doing a variety of YouTube workouts this week, which I will list below! I had planned to workout every other day again, but my work shifts were a bit all over the place this week so I actually got my first chance to work out yesterday and I'm hopefully following that up with a workout today, tomorrow and Sunday.

HIIT and Tone All Over | Lucy Wyndham-Read | I love Lucy's channel for short workouts that work really well but fit into my day easily and as I had plans yesterday this was perfect. Even though it's short it still works so well and combines cardio with toning in just 10 minutes! A short workout is my kind of workout!

Rainy Day Workout | Anna Saccone | This is kind of cheating because Lucy Wyndham-Read is Anna Saccone's trainer so this is a similar kind of video to yesterday, but her workouts are so easy to fit around work! This one is what I'll be doing today. 

Pump It Up The Ultimate Dance Workout | Yes this is the Call On Me workout (everyone must remember that music video yes?) This is the plan for Saturday and I'm going to do four of the five sections. I usually skip the actual dance section and go straight to the pump it up section because ain't nobody got time to learn actual salsa. This is such a good workout because I feel so good afterwards, it tested my stamina, plus the scantily clad girls are actually pretty good motivation to carry on!

Yoga For Stress and Anxiety | Yoga With Adriene | Because this is for Sunday I thought I'd give myself something a bit more relaxing to do and I love Adriene's channel. I've chosen yoga for stress and anxiety because I've had such a busy week this week and feel like I might need this! I'm sooo looking forward to doing this actually!

I'll have another update next week :) 

Do you like doing YouTube workouts?

Amy x


  1. Oh god I can't do the dance exercise videos at all but I am all over the yoga, I definitely need to get back into some kind of physical activity haha xxx

    1. Haha it's so hard to get back into exercise! I much prefer the yoga for sure! xxx

  2. I like getting into an exercise routine, it makes me feel good and I actually enjoy it!
    Because of work I don't get much time to at all!
    I love using YT workouts, I really like Blogilates, she really gets me motivated!

    Neeny | Spoon Full Of Yum

    1. Yeah it's so difficult fitting it around work isn't it! I've never actually tried blogilates I'll definitely have to check out he channel! Xx


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