Fit February | Weekly Routine

This marks my final fitness update of my month long fitness motivation plan! It's been really useful in helping me find out what type of exercise I'm most motivated to do and what kinds of workouts I'll (hopefully) be able to keep up.

I definitely think my most successful week was the YouTube workouts week (post here) and it was also the week I enjoyed the most. I think because of the variety of YouTube workouts that are out there meant I didn't get bored and also the ease of being able to choose workouts that fitted into my day was so handy.

My least successful week was definitely my running week. Turns out that exercising outside in February is not my idea of fun at all and I really lacked the motivation to do so! Originally I was planning to make a weekly routine consisting of a mixture of the past three weeks, but realistically I think I'll be much more likely to keep it up if I stick to YouTube workouts alone. Being able to work out in my own home while still having variety and the flexibility to choose a workout length based on the time I have available is a win win for me.

My plan is to sit down every Sunday and plan my workouts for the week based around my work rota, aiming for four workouts a week minimum (which seems achievable seeing as some of them are as short as ten minutes).

How do you stay fit?

Amy x


  1. Great post! I mainly keep fit by going to the gym a few times a week but in the summer I want to start running xx

    1. I used to love the gym but I'm trying to save a bit of money by exercising elsewhere! Definitely going to try running again in the summer - just don't have the motivation to force myself outside in this weather! Xx

  2. Running outside in February is awful! I did a half marathon last March and trained basically indoors all the time because I hate being cold haha :)

    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Wow that's such motivation, at the moment it's a miracle if I manage a sixteenth marathon never mind a half! Well done you! I think I'm gonna save the running for Summer! Xx


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