Friday, 19 February 2016

Fit February | Running

Ah running...I used to be quite good at it (well, I mean 30 minutes on the treadmill quite good, not marathon quite good) but my running stamina is the thing that slips the most when I've got out of the habit of exercise and that's why I've left it until week 3 of my Fit February posts (weeks 1 and 2 here and here) in the hopes that I've regained some sort of fitness level over the past two weeks. Last week I managed all my planned YouTube workouts which I'm so pleased about seeing as I didn't start them until Thursday!) and I'm feeling so much better for actually doing more exercise. It's annoying that I struggle with motivation for something that actually makes me feel better!

I went out on Thursday for the first time with my only goal being to run for as long as I felt that I could, with the thinking that I could base the rest of this week's training on that time. Well I basically managed to run to the shop and back which is probably max 7 minutes so I'm not holding out much hope for today! I'm actually away all weekend so won't get the chance to exercise, so I'm a bit gutted at only managing two sessions this week!

I'll let you know how I get on in next week's post, but I would love to hear any tips you might have about running - how to get into it properly, how to get your stamina up etc - any tips would be useful to be honest! Now wish me luck running in the freezing cold!

Are you a runner?

Amy x


  1. I feel so much better after upping my fitness game around this time last year and have stuck to it! I trained myself up by using the C25k app and then got the 10k seriously worked and motivated me :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Well done for sticking to it for so long! I hope I manage to! I'll have to check out that app, would be good to have something to aim for! Thanks for the recommendation :) xx

  2. Honestly 7 minutes is more than I could do so I am proud haha! I want to get back into running but find the cold air really affects my chest, but excuses excuses I'm sure xxx

    1. I am so bad at making excuses for running! Xxx

  3. Girl, I need your motivation. I am so lazy when it comes to exercise which is why it's pretty non-existent at the moment (does walking from meeting to meeting count? - but fingers crossed as the summer rolls round that'll change :/ Ha!


    1. Walking totally counts haha! I think I've only got motivation because I'm forcing myself to write about it! Xx


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