3 Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day and is also the meal where I'm the healthiest! Thanks to breakfast I actually manage to get my five a day because I usually cram about three of the five into it! I thought I'd share my three favourite healthy breakfasts because I love nosying at what other people eat! These are definitely nothing groundbreaking, but they also don't take much preparation so are perfect for the morning because who's got time to be whipping up something complicated anyway?

Homemade granola with yogurt and fruit

I use the Deliciously Ella recipe for granola, but adapt it depending on what I've got in or what I fancy experimenting with etc. I love all granola but try to make my own when I can because most shop bought ones are full of unnecessary sugar. I make it at the weekend and just keep it in a big jar. I usually eat it sprinkled over natural yogurt with lots of berries!

Overnight yogurty oats with berries and honey

This is my favourite breakfast at the moment even though it's more suited to summer. I mix some oats with some natural yogurt and a little bit of water, leave them covered overnight in the fridge then in the morning you've got a kind of creamy cold porridge (sounds gross, but trust me). I eat mine with berries and honey. Tastyyyy.

Banana porridge

I quite often make my porridge with water or if I have some almond or coconut milk I'll use that. I chop up a banana and add it to the mixture then microwave the whole thing for two minutes. The banana goes all warm and mushy and makes the porridge taste amazing! If I feel it needs sweetening I'll also add a bit of honey. Apologies that it's impossible to get a picture of porridge that doesn't look totally gross!

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat any of these?

Amy x


  1. Yeah, I feel a little bit guilty about my nutella and peanut butter porridge now, haha! Love these ideas hun and I do agree that it's much easier to start the day healthily isn't it. Need to take your advice tomorrow morning!


    1. Nutella and peanut butter sounds amazing though! Xx

  2. I really love granola it is one of my favs and banana porridge sounds delicious I am so unhealthy with breakfast usually xxx

    1. Breakfast is like the only meal that I am healthy! Granola is my fave too xx


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