10 Signs You're In a Scarily Comfortable Relationship

Being in a comfortable relationship is both a good and bad thing. On the one hand you've got someone you can completely be yourself around and who knows you so well, but on the other hand sometimes romance can end up going completely out of the window...

1 | You both sit on the sofa watching TV while simultaneously being on your laptops and your phones. You both count this as 'quality time' together. 

2 | You talk about everything. And by everything I mean period updates, graphic details of illnesses and that time you actually did wet yourself laughing when you were thirteen. And you're not even embarrassed. Bit of a mood killer though...

3 | You have absolutely no qualms in offending each other. Their breath smells? You tell them straight. Must. Remember. To. Compliment. Too. 

4 | When you go out for a meal it's for the food, not the conversation. Other people must think you're either really boring or on a bad first date. 

5 | You can sing at the top of your voice in front of them without being embarrassed. Nothing like a cute little out of tune serenade in the car. 

6 | The majority of your text messages to each other are selfies of you pulling stupid faces, each trying to be uglier than the last. #romance.

7 | The rest of your messages to each other consist of questions such as 'did you put the bins out?' and 'what's for tea?'

8 | You can eat a horrendous amount of calories together without any fear of judgement. 

9 | They're the only person you don't worry about being late for. If it was anyone else you'd feel guilty, but they'll wait and you probably won't apologise.            

10 | There's no such thing as being embarrassed in front of each other, mainly because you've already done so many stupid things in front of them already that you no longer have any shame.

Whether you're single or in a relationship I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day! 

Amy x


  1. This post is hilarious! I can relate to some of them but thankfully not all of them haha!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thanks, so glad you think it's funny! Probably a good thing you can't relate to all of them haha xx

  2. This is one of my favourite posts of yours hun, laughed and nodded along through the whole thing. Brilliant and so true!!


    1. Ah thanks so much Elle! Glad it's not just me...haha xx

  3. This is really scary haha because it is so TRUE literally absolutely everything, love this lady xxx

    1. Haha I was actually worried about publishing this in case it was just us but I'm so glad it's not! Xx

  4. Hahahah absolutely love this!! Me and my boyfriend are way too comfortable - periods and poo talk are never a step too far haha!


    1. Thanks so glad you like it and nice to know it's not just us! Xx


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