When I Have Nothing to Wear

There are those days where you feel like you can put together the perfect outfit and then there are those days where you stare into your wardrobe and wonder why you don't own anything that you like. When the latter happens there are some staple outfits that I know I can always turn to that will still make me feel good and look like I've made an effort - not sure what I would do without these items in my life!

Breton Top & High Waisted Jeans 

This is my number one go to outfit for when all else fails. Comfort - tick. Stylish - tick. What else do you need? You can completely transform this outfit with shoes too as it goes with everything from trainers to heels. I personally like to wear it with heeled boots as I love high waisted jeans with boots.

White Shirt & Leggings

Another easy to put together classic outfit. Again it ticks both comfort and style boxes and a good white shirt never fails. I prefer to wear men's shirts as for some mind boggling reason there seems to be more room for boobs in them (note to designers: men don't have boobs, women do). This is another outfit that can be worn with literally any shoes, but again I would usually go for heeled boots because it dresses it up a little.

Grey Top & Black Jeans

I love the combination of grey and black and it's just that little bit more interesting than all black. This is such a plain outfit that it really doesn't take much thinking to put it together, but somehow looks like you've spent more time on it than you have, especially when you add in some interesting shoes. I love wearing leopard print shoes with this outfit, but any pattern or bright colour would jazz it up.

Cotton Dress

Cotton dresses are so easy to throw on with tights and come in such a range of styles and colours. For me at the moment it's all about this long sleeved green cotton bodycon, but in the summer I'll switch it up for a short sleeved more floaty fit. Again the shoe choices are endless, but I like to grunge my dresses up a bit by wearing boots.

What outfit do you turn to when you have nothing to wear?

Amy x


  1. Love this post! Sometimes you can't beat timeless classics, stripes are an essential for me :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you :) Exactly! I wear stripes so often! xx

  2. I always stick to the same items, got to love a good stable that you know you can stick to and feel great in!

    Corinne x

    1. Yeah it makes it so much easier doesn't it! And I know I'll feel great in these all day :) xx


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