The Shy Girl's Guide to Events

I can't exactly claim to be an expert at attending blogging events (I've been to a total of two) but I can definitely claim to be an expert at being shy, which is something that I found to be a massive barrier at those events to the extent that I almost didn't go because I was worried I would just sit quietly in a corner and look like a fool. So I thought I'd write a post about how I overcame the barrier that is being a shy girl at events in the hopes that it'll help some of you other shy girls bite the bullet and attend blogger events because they're not as scary as you might think!

Social Media | For both events I found out who else would be attending, added them on social media and tried to interact with them on there. I felt like if I'd virtually 'met' someone it would be easier to speak to them at the actual event because I'd feel like I already knew them a bit. 

Read | Once I'd found out who was attending I tried to read the blogs that I hadn't read before so I would know who wrote about what and would have something to chat to them about if all other conversation ran dry!

Let go | The main reason I'm shy is because I'm worried I'll say something stupid or make a fool out of myself so the attitude I tried to adopt was to just let go and if I did make a fool out of myself I didn't have to go to another event or see those people again. I usually wouldn't actually approach people I don't know, but at events you kind of have no choice and adopting this attitude definitely meant I spoke to more people!

Ask questions | It's so easy to ask other people questions and then just comment on their answers and that was mainly what I did. It shows your interest in them but also means that you don't have to speak about yourself too much and you'll feel more comfortable with that person next time you meet them because you'll have learnt all about them.

Keep connected | Once you've attended the event keep in touch with the people you've met. Speak on Twitter, comment on their blogs and Instagram pictures and you'll feel so much more comfortable next time you meet at an event rather than leaving a big gap and feeling like you have to get to know them again!

These are only tips and have by no means suddenly cured my shyness! But I do find they help so hopefully they'll help any other shy people out there. 

Amy x


  1. I actually find it easier to talk to people I've not spoken to on social media than who I have, I don't know why haha, I always feel awkward being HI I KNOW YOU!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha the only thing I worry about is if they might have forgotten who I am! So I kind of know what you mean but I definitely find it easier with people I have spoken to. Everyone's different I suppose! Xx


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