Double Polka Dot

Last week I wrote about my style rules (here) and today I am completely contradicting one of them and wearing two patterned items (although I think I can get away with it because it's the same pattern so doesn't really count). Burgundy and navy are two of my favourite colours to wear and polka dots is one of my favourite patterns so this outfit is me all over. The trousers are very old from Tu at Sainsbury's and the shirt was from New Look in the sale. They didn't actually have my size so I had to go a size up but I quite like the oversized casual-ness of it and the bagginess of the shirt versus the skinny trousers (so I'm at least adhering to my tight with baggy style rule).

What do you think of double polka dots? 

Amy x


  1. Love the double polka dots! Great colours too!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Thank you! Two of my favourite colours. Hope you have a lovely weekend too :) xx

  2. Love polka c'est osé mais défi réussi ;) Bonne combo

    Sarah xxxx

    1. Thank you! Yeah I only wear double polka dot on days when I'm feeling confident haha! xx

  3. That polka dot blouse is pretty cute!

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