My Favourite YouTubers

So I've already written about my favourite bloggers (here) and my favourite Instagram accounts (here) so I thought it would only be right to do a post about my favourite YouTubers. I love reading posts like this because you can get some really good recommendations from them so hopefully if you're reading you'll find some new YouTubers to follow! All channel names are clickable links so you can go and check them out.

The Elle Next Door | Ellie is my number one favourite YouTuber at the moment. Her videos are always so beautifully shot and she is just so down to earth and funny that they're always such a pleasure to watch. Hers is probably the only channel where I actually watch every single video all the way through and would probably still watch one of her watching paint dry because I'm sure she'd make it hilarious in some way (although maybe don't do that one unless you're desperate Ellie...)

Lucy Wyndham-Read | Lucy runs a fitness channel, which mainly consists of short (like under 10 minutes short) easy to follow fitness routines. I find this such a useful way of keeping fit as you can always fit something that short into your day and I find it so much easier to put my all into a workout when I know it's going to be over in 10 minutes! Her channel has completely transformed the way I think about fitness. 

Salt and Chic | I've read Amy's blog for a long time so was chuffed when she started a YouTube channel as well! She's so down to earth and I could listen to her speak all day - she has the most relaxing accent and voice ever! She's so relatable and her style is just perfect!

The Michalaks | So I know this probably isn't a new watch for anyone as they have heaps of subscribers but theirs was the first YouTube channel I started watching (back when it was just Hannah on her own) and each weekly vlog is like a short film and I just adore watching them every Sunday, Total YouTube and family goals!

Hope you've managed to find some new watches from this post and if you have any recommendations or a channel of your own please post them below in the comments! Oh and cheeky plug, if you want to follow me on YouTube you can subscribe or watch here.

Amy x


  1. I am bookmarking this as I hardly go on youtube anymore so definitely appreciate the recommendations xxx



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