10 Things That Are Only OK at Christmas

1 - Eating your own weight in food, probably three days in a row.

2 - Hugging someone in the pub that you only vaguely know and telling them how well they're doing at life. 

3 - Sprouts. Like when else would we ever eat these because really they're pretty gross, but you can't have them missing from your Christmas dinner.

4 - Saying hello to absolutely everyone you see if you're out for a walk on Christmas day, whereas usually you would walk past head down in true British style.

5 - Falling asleep in front of your entire extended family. After Christmas dinner naps are basically mandatory.

6 - Being as tacky as is humanly possible. Would you wear egg earrings to the pub at Easter? Of course not. Would you wear snowman earrings to the pub at Christmas? ERRR YES NO BRAINER. 

7 - Interacting with your neighbours. OH HI person I don't speak to all year round, here's a Christmas card that says 'Dear No.7, happy Christmas from No.15' because we haven't even bothered to find out each other's names.

8 - Acting like a complete excited child when 'The Snowman' comes on TV. Then crying like a baby at the end and feeling like your Christmas day might now be ruined. 

9 - Writing out name tags for the dinner table even though everyone sits in the exact same seat every year. They're just so pretty! 

10 - Not doing any house work at all. The wrapping paper will stay on the floor and the pots will go unwashed until tomorrow thank you. 

Hope you all have an excellent Christmas :)

Amy x


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  2. I loved reading this post, it put such a big smile on my face!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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