Sunday, 22 November 2015

#WrenFamilyFavourites Event

Because of just moving house and all, a new kitchen is pretty high on my wish list (even if it's not a realistic wish until we've saved up some more pennies) so I was pretty chuffed when I was invited along to Wren's live cooking event with none other than their designer Linda Barker (the Changing Rooms lover inside me fan girled quite a bit).

The event was based around their #WrenFamilyFavourites campaign, where people have been sharing pictures of their favourite family meals on Instagram to try to win an AEG Food Mixer - there's still time to enter if you're quick (details here). We got to watch Linda cook three family favourites and then taste them for ourselves (obviously the important part!). My favourite was the banana and peanut butter loaf - seriously good! Linda also made marble cake and mince pies - it's officially Christmas for me now that the first mince pie has been eaten! We also got a recipe scrapbook each which we were able to start on the night and it was so lovely to finally meet some other local bloggers and have a bit of a natter while we were eating and scrap booking.

While the baking was in the oven Linda gave us a tour of her collection which is seriously dreamy - like is it OK to have five different kitchens in my house please? We also got to see Linda's own kitchen, which had been recreated in the showroom (she has an extractor fan to rival a James Bond gadget by the way). Basically all of the kitchens were like something off Pinterest and there was a enough marble to keep a rabble of bloggers happy. My personal favourites were the more rustic and traditional style kitchens - one had a blackboard over the cooker which I adored!

I went home stuffed full of sweet treats and feeling very inspired to get in the kitchen and do some baking of my own as well as feeling inspired to get on with saving up for a new kitchen!

Thank you so much to Wren Kitchens for an amazing event - it was such a lovely night and we even got the cutest goody bag with a personalised apron, scrapbook and the sweetest wooden spoon (which although it's called Amy's Magic Mixing Spoon will most definitely be Amy's Hanging on the Kitchen Wall Looking Pretty Spoon).

Do you like baking? What's your favourite thing to bake?

Amy x


  1. Oh wow, what a fun event! YUM to mince pies and banana and peanut loaf! And that mixing spoon is the CUTEST!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Isn't it! The banana and peanut butter loaf was just amaaaazing! Xx

  2. I am totally all over the food and interiors so I would have totally loved this event, obvs majorly jealous you got to eat that too as it looks delish! xxx


    1. Omg the food was so good! Banana and peanut butter loaf about to come a daily staple for me haha xxx

  3. This sounds like it was such a fab event hun. Banana and peanut loaf sounds like the best thing ever!


    1. Ahh it was amazing I don't know why I've never thought of putting peanut butter in banana loaf before it's the best combination! Xx

  4. This seems like a really interesting event, plus it's great to get some ideas. The cakes look so yummy as well, I love banana bread :)

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    1. Yeah so much inspiration! They were allll so yummy! X


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