Homeware Wishlist

I'm so far off being able to buy any of these things for my house because I need to waste money on the boring details like a boiler, a bathroom and paint first, but a girl can dream right? Here's my dreamy homeware wishlist (oh and it's all from either George at Asda or H&M so 100% affordable when the time comes!)

1. Copper Lantern | Asda
2. Cushion | H&M, here
3. Copper Tealight Holder | H&M, here
4. Tray | H&M, here
5. I Love Tea Mug | Asda
6. Pinecone Tealight Holder | Asda
7. Rose Gold Tone mirror | George
8. Elephants Design Tumbler | Asda
9. Metal Storage Basket | H&M, here
10. Glass Box | H&M, here
11. Ceramic Plant Pot | H&M, here
12. Engraved Wooden Drawers | Asda

Which is your favourite item?

Amy x


  1. Beautiful, I am always lusting after homeware pieces although I have made a promise to myself that I use the money to save up for a nicer place, as a borderline studio flat doesn't deserve to be cluttered and overshadow pieces! Love the elephant tumbler and the copper lantern is very cute xxxx

    1. Aw it's so hard not to buy loads of homeware but just like you're saving up for a place I've got to save up for a boiler first haha! We'll be able to splurge eventually! Xxx


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