High Street v High End: Lipstick

Another month, another high street v high end comparison post! This month (along with every other blogger) I got a free Clinique Lip Pop in Cherry Pop with Glamour magazine so I thought I'd compare it to the cheap red lipstick I usually use - my well loved Natural Collection lipstick in Cherry Red.

High Street: Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cherry Red RRP £1.99

This has been my go to red lipstick for a long time. It's a classic red shade with very good longevity - I only need to top this up after I've had food or drink (and I wouldn't expect any lipstick to last through that!). It can be slightly drying on the lips if worn all day, but it's not too bad and although the word 'shine' is in the name it's more of a subtle and really quite flattering slight sheen. For £1.99 I really can't fault this at all - the only thing that lets it down is the packaging which does look cheap, but when a product is cheap and also good I don't really care that much about the packaging!

High End: Clinique Lip Pop in Cherry Pop - RRP £16.00

This is an extremely similar shade and the first thing I noticed was that it applies like a dream. The formula is so smooth and buttery and it feels so nice when you're wearing it too. It's not drying at all and in fact feels more like you're wearing a lip balm than a lipstick, but the colour is still there. The longevity is good - again I only needed to top up after I'd been eating or drinking. Obviously the packaging is much nicer than the Natural Collection lipstick - this is the type of lipstick that makes me feel like a real grown up lady when I carry it in my handbag (ha).

Winner: Natural Collection Moisture Shine LipstickI do adore the Clinique lipstick, but when there's that much of a price difference and not a massive difference in quality I'll go down the cheaper route every time! Plus I think I like the look of it on my lips slightly better.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

Amy x

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