Cosy Knits

It's official, I've found my favourite jumper. It's toasty, soft and long enough to wear with leggings and still feel a little bit stylish. I love being cosy in autumn and I also picked up a new hat which unintentionally matches my jumper. Then whoops I bought some new shoes as well and this outfit was born. I've wanted some pointed shoes for ages, but my feet are so wide and sexy that they don't usually fit me. These ones fit like a dream though so I'm very happy that I've finally got some!

Jumper - Brave Soul via Asos (link)
Leggings - Asos (link)
Hat - Primark (current)
Shoes - Truffle Collection via Asos (link)

Amy x


  1. I like this look it's so cosy and comfortable for this month of November
    Vive la maille ! Sorry for my english I'm French ;)

  2. HI DEAR! Great photos, great look! :)
    I like your blog! FOLLOW YOU!
    Hope you follow me back ;)

  3. This outfit looks so cute! I also love big cozy jumpers :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Thank you :) i love wearing big jumpers in this weather! X

  4. You look so adorable and I can't believe how good you look in a hat- this isn't allowed haha AND the shoes!!! Love them obviously ;) xxx

    1. Haha this hat is a one off believe me usually they really don't suit me! Thanks lovely :) xxx

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  6. looks very cozy.. great for winter

    BLOG - Taislany


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