Blog Birthday | My Favourite Posts

Helloo! So tomorrow will mark a year since I wrote my first blog post (on this blog anyway - would ya believe I wrote a blog about knitting before I started this one!) and to celebrate I wanted to share my favourite posts I've written in that time. Thank you to everyone who reads/comments/shares this blog - you're all amazing (even if the majority of you are family members - ha!). All post titles are clickable links!

What it's Really Like Growing up with a Disabled Sibling | This was my number one favourite blog post to write about my number one favourite person and reading it back makes me feel all happy. I also loved sharing something a bit more personal than usual. 

The Summer Coat | This is my favourite ever outfit post because of the location and the amazing evening sunshine making everything look good! I also adore this coat and turns out it's just as good in autumn as it was in summer!

15 Signs You're Having a Quarter Life Crisis | This is one I loved writing because I feel like so many people can relate to this - plus poking fun at myself growing old means I feel less bad about it!

An Ode to Rimmel Base Products | I am still totally smitted with Rimmel base products and these are some of my absolute faves.  

Walking Hadrian's Wall (or not!) | This is maybe cheating because it's a video but it is my favourite video I've ever shot and edited - not perfect but I'm pretty darn proud of it really!

Let me know which of these is your favourite and thank you again for reading!

Amy x


  1. Well done to you lovely, I want to see the knitting now?! haha seriously I do, I am happy for you that you have carried on being passionate about your blog xxx

    1. Haha afraid I deleted my knitting blog otherwise I would totally show you! Thanks lovely and thank you for being so supportive, you're a babe :) xxx

  2. I am so glad that I saw this post as I'd have never found the post about your sister, SO gorgeously well written Amy!


    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for always reading/commenting on here it really does mean a lot :) xx


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