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I don't know if I've ever mentioned on this blog before that I have a degree in Theatre so when I was very kindly invited to the preview of Mercury Fur reworked by Middle Child I was very excited. Going to the theatre is something I really don't do often enough for an ex-theatre student - life gets in the way I guess! So when I do make the time to go I don't like to be disapponted. I didn't need to worry on this occasion!

Photo courtesy of Jerome Whittingham (@Photomoments)

Photo courtesy of Jerome Whittingham (@Photomoments)

Photo courtesy of Jerome Whittingham (@Photomoments)
"The hope is that you will leave the show shocked, appalled and disgusted, yes, but more at the world this play is born from rather than the play itself."

I can't describe how I felt about the play more accurately than the quote above from Paul Smith, the artistic director. This is certainly not a play for the faint hearted, set in a futuristic and dystopian Hull where butterflies are dealt as drugs and the main characters are preparing for a 'party' at which they will attempt to fulfill a client's fantasy. 

From the very beginning I was captivated. The play is over two hours long with no interval, time which flew by as I was so fascinated by the performance. The set design was fantastic - from the moment I walked in the building and started up the stairs to the top where it was performed I felt like I was in a block of flats and the intimate performance area means that you truly feel a part of the action. The lighting was fantastic at creating atmosphere - the appearance of daylight changing throughout the day into evening looked incredibly real. 

Of course you can't have a good play with bad actors and these actors were seriously amazing. They brought their world to life and part of the reason the play was so effective was because you really believed that the characters were real. Stand outs for me were Laurie Jamieson as Darren and Madeleine MacMahon as The Duchess.

This was such a refreshing piece of theatre that made me feel uncomfortable, shocked yet also amused at the same time. I would highly recommend seeing this if you live in the Hull area if you fancy something thought-provoking that will make you question the world and human nature. Hull definitely needs more theatre like this.

Let me know if you do go and see this or if you've already been! Do you go to the theatre often?

Amy x

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