High Street v High End: Bronzer

 This month I'm comparing bronzers - I know it seems like a silly month to compare bronzers with them being so associated with summer, but I'm so pale I really need bronzer all year round to prevent me from blending into white walls.

High Street: Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder RRP £7.99

So I'm not going to lie - I totally bought this for the smell. If you don't already know, this bronzer smells like chocolate - oooh yeah. Aside from that bonus, I really like this bronzer because it's not shimmery and it's fairly low key (which is pretty much how I like everything!). It gives me a nice wash of colour without standing out too much against my pale skin and it's really easy to blend out if I use it to contour. The only downside to this product is that it is quite orange toned, meaning that I do have to be quite careful how much I apply for fear of looking tangoed (does anyone still use that expression?!) The packaging is fine, although it gets a bit battered quite quickly with it being cardboard. 

High End: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer - RRP £33

This is actually a pretty similar bronzer to the Bourjois offering, the main difference being that this one is much more pigmented - literally one sweep and you're good to go. It also has the bonus of just feeling so much nicer to use because of the packaging and the fact it's a proper compact with a mirror. You do get a little more product in this, but in terms of colour and finish there's not actually that much difference. I also have to admit that I got this product for £23 rather than £33 from an outlet shop and although I was happy to pay £23 I'm not sure I would stretch to £33 (but then I am pretty stingy!).

Winner: Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder. I love the Estée Lauder one because it feels so luxurious, but realistically I'd rather pay the Bourjois price for a product that's almost the same!

Have you tried either of these bronzers? What did you think?

Amy x


  1. Finding the perfect bronzer is like finding a needle in a haystack. Impossible. I love the Bobbi Brown at the moment. x

    Ashleigh | www.quintessentiallyme.co.uk

    1. Oooh I've never tried that one I'll have to have a nosey! X

  2. Finding the perfect bronzer is pretty hard. I currently use the Bourjois one, I really want to try the NARS laguna one.


    1. There are so many I'd love to try but they're all so expensive! Xx

  3. I actually use a Rimmel bronzer for everyday and keep my more expensive NARS for "better" occasions. I find the NARS to be a nicer shade and much more pigmented but the Rimmel is still just as good (save for needing extra applications). I'm overly pale too and wear it everyday so this is an expensive habit of mine, hence the need for something cheaper!


    1. I've found I'm doing the exact same thing with these two - wearing the bourjois one for everyday and the Estée Lauder one for special occasions weekends etc! Xx


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