My Top 5 All Year Round Nail Varnishes

Confession: I wear too much nail varnish. In winter (especially near Christmas) I lean towards glitter and in summer I lean towards pastels, but there are some shades that I feel suit every season and they are they ones I find myself reaching for the most all year round. Behold my top 5 all year round nail varnishes!

Red | Red is definitely my number one favourite nail varnish colour to wear - it;s bright but classy and I always feel like a bit more of a grown up when I wear it. It's definitely a classic colour for all year round. My favourite red at the moment is from the Barry M Daylight Curing range - it stays put for ages!

White | Another classic that I feel is maybe more obvious for S/S than A/W, but I wear it all the time. It's a perfect colour for accentuating a tan in summer and the perfect base to add a bit of glitter or nail art to in the winter. Plus white nails go with everything so you really don't need to worry about clashing your clothes with your nails!

Orange | Being such a bright colour I think most people may associate orange with summer over any other season. The brightness of the shade does lend itself to summer, but in the autumn it makes me think of leaves and in the winter it's nice to have a bright nail to lighten up dull and dark days!

Gold | Gold is definitely one of my favourite colours to paint my nails - it just makes them look like you've put more effort in than you have! I think this looks good all year round especially for nights out or special occassions.

Teal | I don't know if this is cheating because the colour in the picture is my S/S teal and then I have an A/W teal that's got a bit more sparkle in it. So technically I'm wearing the same colour all year round, just adapted! It's the same kind of effect as orange really, lovely and bright to match the summer sun and also to counteract the winter non-sun! 

What are your favourite nail shades to wear all year round? Do you think I missed any good ones?

Amy x


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