Friday, 25 September 2015

Late to the Culottes Party

Yes I know, it's nearly the end of summer and I've only just cottoned on to a very summery trend - culottes. I always thought culottes looked good on other people, but really thought they were something I wouldn't be able to pull off (hello short legs) so I steered clear until I spied these in the Asos sale and thought why not? I can now safely vouch that culottes are the comfiest way to feel stylish!

Culottes - Asos (link)
Vest Top - New Look (old)
Cardigan - H&M (link)
Shoes - F&F (old)

What do you think of culottes?

Amy x



  1. Ahh I'm so pleased you jumped on culottes too, as you'll see from my blog, I am ALL about the culottes! You look fab lovely :)


    1. Aw thank you! :) and your blog is one of the reasons I jumped on the trend in the first place you always pull them off so well! Xx

  2. You look amazing in these and your hair is looking totally awesome! I have only worn a culottes jumpsuit before they kinda scare me, like they look good on other people but maybe not me so much ;) xxx


    1. Ah thank you! I'm sure you would look good in culottes, I thought they would look awful on me too! Xx

  3. Hey, it's never too late to grab a trend that you really like! These culottes look fabulous on you. The fit is great, and I love that color. Also, I'm totally in love with your hair, haha. I was actually JUST trying to French braid my hair, but I gave up and went for a ponytail. Maybe someday I'll get the hang of it, haha.

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    1. Ah thank you! Trust me it took a lot of practice for me to finally get the hang of it so I'm sure you'll be able to do it someday! Xx

  4. Love the khaki culottes!

  5. This is such a great look on you! I love the colour!


  6. Girlie, I haven't even joined the "club", so yay for you to get those lovely culottes on!
    You look really pretty and I love this casual yet lovely outfit.
    My hubs can't stand the culottes haha, plus I look super short & clown'y wearing them if that makes sense :)
    So yeah, this is the trend I am going to have to skip :(
    xox Nadia

    1. Aw thank you! My boyfriend isn't all that keen on them either haha but I really like these ones so he'll just have to put up with them! Xx


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