12 Petty Things That Guarantee a Bad Mood

1 - Stopping and giving way to other cars when really it's your right of way, but you're just so darn nice. Driver of other car doesn't say thank you. Cue your most annoyed sigh and a sarcastic 'YOU'RE WELCOME' spoken to...yourself.

2 - Your nail varnish is almost dry and you smudge it. Enough said.

3 - Even though you're certain you put all the food in the oven at the correct times your veg is ready 20 minutes earlier than anything else. Choice of cold veg or soggy veg means your meal is RUINED.

4 - When you've just stepped out of your front door and the friend you are meeting texts to say they will be late. This is the biggest inconvenience ever because now you're out you can't possibly turn around and go back inside.

5 - When every other girl in the gym has ten layers of make up on and zero sweat on her face, whereas you...well...

6 - People who stand on travelators and don't leave room for you to walk past.

7 - Wind + hair + lip balm = AAAAAARGH.

8 - The supermarket cafe says you can't have a jacket potato with beans and cheese because they've run out of beans/cheese/potatoes. Errrr...where are we?

9 - When you're so excited to go shopping but then you have one of those days where everything you try on makes you look fat and ugly (it's the changing room mirrors right? Right?!)

10 - When you've applied one eye's worth of eyeliner so perfectly but can't. get. the. other. one. right.

11 - When you've spent ages getting ready for a rare night out, but once you're out you realise you've forgotten to put earrings in/perfume on. Boooo.

12 - People who stop dead in the middle of the street when you're walking right behind them and then give you the biggest glare until you cave and apologise for bumping into them.

These things are all so silly that I know it's irrational to get annoyed about them, but does anybody feel me? 

Amy x


  1. This made me laugh so much, I literally go mental at my nail polish smudging and it's so ridiculous! And wonky eyeliner, bane of my life ;)


    1. Haha yeah nail varnish smudging is literally the worst it makes me so irrationally angry! X

  2. This post is hilarious... #2 is constantlyme!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thanks - and me too literally every time I paint my nails! I'm too impatient ha x

  3. Love this post! Made me laugh because of how relatable it was!!


  4. OMG yes so many of these, I hate drivers who don't say thanks, people who are late (so rude and annoying!) and SLOW or STOPPING walkers haha man this has made my monday xxx



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